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Par-tay! I know where I'll be next Saturday!

246986_10150201395907362_569547361_6922275_3725158_n.jpgNormally, we have one or two sad little sign-holders outside the gate of the Fort once or twice a week since PFC Manning got shipped here for safe storage pending his trial (though, I admit, one does have to wonder about the lack of speedy justice here and with Major Hasan, but those are rants for a different time).

But now we're gonna have a rally and everything! Finally, we get some of that traffic-snarling crap you easterners get to play with all the time! And people are going to drive in from all over (I still bet locals and media outnumber the ralliers, especially since KU isn't in session but I could be wrong).

So - I'll be there with a video camera - send me your interview questions for the ralliers!

No profanity, please. This is a family joint.

And before you get bent out of shape I've got this up on Memorial Day - think about it.


Be sure to bring a water bottle! You'll want to properly record their answers to your taunts questions! 
I'd give my eye teeth to join the partay.
 I can see trouble brewing here :-)

Don't have too much fun, Sir John. You might laugh yerself to death.
 I plan on going, also.  One of us will be the vidiographer, the other will ask the pertinant questions.  I, for one, want to ask Code Pink why they have protested in front of Walter Reed, holding signs that are derogatory to wounded soldiers.  
The organizers are going to meet after it's all over?
Will the Felps Whelps be there?  Inquiring minds, yanno.   Do tell.  Bated breath and all that.

*readies* popcorn, soft drinks,  and snacks.

I want to play too. I've always wanted to harrass those idiots.

Ask them why they think someone who selfishly put other people in danger and broke every oath he ever took in the service is a hero.

"Be sure to bring a water bottle! You'll want to properly record their answers to your taunts questions!"

And don't forget to take the cap off so as to be properly *on the record*.
htom asked the question I asked myself when I saw it. 

I guess perhaps they've adopted the US Army After Action Review format.

Oh, the irony.
From the Eastie Coastie / Walter Reed-Quantico Lessons Learned file:

Westboro and Code Pink don't buddy up. Code Pink is pro-gay, whereas Westboro is virulently anti-gay. The upcoming event is Pure Pink.

When you talk to them:  The women are in charge. They will ignore all direct questions, and likely will pretend they don't even see you. But if you infiltrate, and approach the men...  
I will be reloading the water cannon as well as serving snacks.
We're hoping the Phelp's show up.  If only for the entertainment value.
They won't.

Meanwhile.... for those of you who want to warm up in advance of the weekend hilarity... a fight now rages, over on the Maxine FB page. Carrie + Brat + me 'n a few others vs. Hallmark Cards. We got 'em surrounded. They already took down some of my posts... but if you scroll down to the post about the Memorial Day cartoon, you will see how Carrie came out on full auto, and hasn't let up.
Nah, I don't think I wanna wade in that.  All y'all have expended a lot more effort than the Oblivions are worth.
My interview questions:

"When was it that you realized you were in favor of young women being stoned to death if they got raped or choke hanged if they successfully resisted being raped?"

"How long have you been a traitor?"

"Did your daddy molest you *while* teaching you to be an enemy loving piece of filth? Or was that done separately?"

"So, what do you feel is the appropriate punishment for those who support those who wish to kill us all? Impalement? Flogging to death? or being cut in half with a wooden saw?"