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News from Canadian Forces in Afghanistan...

Nichola soldiers on.  

A note from Dr. Sean Maloney, a Canadian Forces historian and friend of the Castle, just back from doing fieldwork in Afghanistan:


We're now naming our helicopter-mounted Dillon Gatling Guns after our female troops KIA.

This one is named for Captain Nichola Goddard, an artillery officer killed in 2006 during a battle in Zharey district, who I am sure you are familiar with.



Get some, Nichola - payback's a bitch.



OooRAH!  Tell 'em, Nichola, they can run but they'll just die tired.

Never, never, never piss off a heavily armed woman.
Brings new meaning to "Hell hath no fury like a woman..."
 When “Nichola” shoots off her mouth, you better listen!  

Raptor Chief, you've got it!
I can haz Gatling?