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Memorial Day, 2011

[This post will remain up top all day] memorial-day-2011.jpgFirst up - the reason for the season, so to speak.  

A toast to absent companions:

John T. Donovan, "Daddy Jack", a soldier of the Great War.
William J. Healy, "Dad" to SWWBO, a soldier of World War Two.
William Meriwether, "Uncle Bill", a soldier of World War Two and Korea.
Timothy H. Donovan, "Dad", a soldier of Korea and Vietnam.

They have closed station and march ordered.  Through these four, Castle Argghhh! honors all those who await us at Fiddler's Green.

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance: In Memoriam of Daddy Jack, "Sweet William
' (as SWWBO's mother used to say), Uncle Bill, Dad - and all of those who stood the watch, and whether they fell at their post or after a long and lusty life, have gone before us to make sure the beer is cold and the food is hot.

Now - go out and make the most of enjoy they day they helped bring you!!!

[Update:I see pictures and names on this thread at National Review Online that have graced these pages, too. - the Armorer]


Have a good Memorial Day and remember the honoured ones who helped bring you there.
My dad also served in the US Army during WWII.  So, I'm thinking of William J. Healy today, too.
My bad, sweetie.  I have added him as I should have from the get-go.  My only excuse is I only met him (to my regret, he was a great fellow) once.
Takin a break from the heat with the kids inside no- thanks for the pix above.  Hoped on the B5 site earlier and saw Team Rubicon's video - one quote stuck in my head was "too many names".  I'm not sure there will ever be a day when names aren't added but they are the reason we can live they way we do and enjoy things we have.

God bless you all and we are forever grateful.
I'm going to offer one gripe, always a serviceman's right. Why Jose Cuervo Especial tequila?

First of all, JC Especial is NOT all that special, if you wnated to do that brand of poison, it should have been Cazaderos, Cabritos, one of the better ones that you'd actually drink.

But why tequila at all? We make some decent adult stuff right here in the USA, and if that doesn't suit your palate, there are some decent whiskys (or brandies, or gins, or vodkas) made elsewhere.

Fine choice of firearms to represent the dogfaces who've gone forward, though. Oh, and that's a nice shine on those boots, too, Major. You must have a decent batman, eh?

1. I do my own frickin' boots, boyo.  I wasn't in the Air Force.

2. I like tequila. And I've had some great tequila that never makes it north of the border from my trip to Mexico as a guest of the Mexican Navy.   I'm not that big a fan of brown liquors, apparently you mistake me for my bourbon drinking mother.  Besides, they're my family, not yours. There's Scoresby (for Jim B) and Beam and Maker's Mark on the bar if you want it.  Along with Gordon's, and Bacardi, and there's even some decent wormwood brew in there somewhere.  Help yourself and shaddup, 'k?

When it comes to adult beverages, I, like most of my tribe, am partial to whatever is closest to hand.

That said, when it came to drinking in Asia, I recall being most partial to rum. It was the only stuff a body could be sure wasn't home made and then poored into a brand named bottle.

Hoist 'em if you've got 'em. Drink a round to those who went on ahead.

God Bless Them and Keep Them. We'll all join up soon enough in the great rally point in the sky.
May God have mercy on all of us.  Prayers and thanks to those who have paid for my freedom.
A shout-out to my father, Allen Truman "Tex" Tompkins, who fought in Europe in WW2. Born Patterson, New Jersey 1925, died Columbus, Ohio, 1983.

Thanks, dad, even the experience gave you a severe allergy to ever, ever camping out again.

Heh - Jealous!  Just 'cause us Air Force types could afford to have somebody polish our boots without spending too much of the flight pay we were making...

Not to rub it in or nuthin' like that...