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LuckyGunner Blogger Shoot, D-1 and counting.

Just as the OSS Jedburgh teams jumped into Normandy ahead of the main invasion force, so too was there a gathering tonight at Angelo's Brick Oven pizzeria in Lenoir City, Tennessee - only this was the early birds who arrived today for the LuckyGunner Blogger Shoot tomorrow.

No, we will not be shooting any bloggers or gun industry writers.  Not even with paintballs. Dream on.

Heh - that would be a fun event though, wouldn't it?  The GOA vs NRA Paintball War?  If you understand that reference, you know why it's funny.

Though I'd pay money to see the JFPO vs VPC/SPLC* paintball battle...  there would be blood.

I met a bunch of people who are familiar from the gun blog world - but I'm not naming names tonight, because I don't know who flies under the radar and who, like me, blogs openly. 

With one exception - I had dinner with Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee, and I had a good time, and I think he did too.  We talked blogs, gun nuts, day jobs, book writing...    We shared our end of the table with Justin from Luckygunner (unless it was Dustin - the venue was lousy for artillery ears) and got some insights into running a mail-order ammunition operation (he didn't give out any trade secrets, Brian, I promise).

And we got to meet Angela, SheWhoFloodsOurEmail with stuff about the shoot (which is a Good Thing, Angela).  All in all a good time, with many hints dropped about the kewl stuff we'll be doing tomorrow, involving black powder cannons, machineguns old and new, other small arms and more modern cannon, and about the small army of junked cars, vans, and trucks which will be given a fiery sendoff across the Bifrost Bridge to Automotive Valhalla.

Think of it as Knob Creek, by invitation.

Yes, SKK, I will drop your name for the guest list next year...

*JFPO= Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
 VPC= Violence Policy Center (The Brady Bunch after a branding change)
 SPLC = Southern Poverty Law Center


You guys formed into Jed-like teams? Which one was the radio guy? 

You're gonna drop my name? Aw, dang... I'll clear an LZ at the Tank Farm for ya for that! Just gotta fire up the flamethrower a bit...
You may have really hit on something, John...  A GOA vs NRA paintball tournament could be a H3ll of a fundraiser for both teams.
I did indeed have a good time, sir, and think tomorrow--pardon the coming pun--will be a blast.
You guys sure know how to make a girl cry.... 
"No, we will not be shooting any bloggers..."  Well that's a relief, seeing that the Armorer actually knows where I live.
So you're saying the JFPO knows how to use LN2 with paintballs, and can reset their gun after passing the chronograph, eh?  SWEET!

There's no pizza west of the Hudson. 
 Sir John, the proper spelling is "$PLC."

There is no Pizza east of the Hudson. You Yankees only have an unreasonable facsimile thereof. That's part of the reason for the War of Northern Aggression. You couldn't cook for yourselves, so you had to invade to get some decent food.
11B40...I'd like to adjust that comment a few clicks...."there's no pizza west of the Delaware".

Thank you.
And it was truly a pleasure to meet you finally-  And that would be fun :-)