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It was an exciting weekend here in flyover country

Too exciting in Reading, Kansas, and Joplin, Missouri, as well as other spots around the midwest as a brutal line of storms passed through this weekend, with potentially more on the way.

One wonders now if one should have bought a farm with a fully ground-contact home, vice the walkout ranch that is Castle Argghhh!

This was our Saturday night.  Which was much easier than those for the folks of Jefferson County to our west, and other counties north and south of us - and nothing compared to what happened to Joplin yesterday.  We're well north in Kansas, and we could *see* the storms that hit Joplin. 

We knew it was going to be a long day for people east and south of us as the storm line stretched from due east of us to a bit southwest of us - and we could see huge anvils of thunderheads that were 160 miles away - the straight line distance from us to Joplin. They dominated the sky and the upward energy in them was just immense.

It's funny, how you get comfortable with what you know, vice what you don't.  I would rather live here in tornado country, where you might get hit, but most likely will just spend time in your basement (which we did in the period between the two very different skies in the video), as opposed to hurricane country, where you pretty much *know* you're going to get hit at some point. 

But people I know who live in hurricane country point out that with hurricanes you get days of advance warning, whereas they're scared to death of tornadoes, because they're so abrupt and random.  Heh.  We shoulda bought that Titan missile silo that was available a couple of years ago, not too far from here.  Not much to do here to tornado-proof the castle.  Brick walls, but they're curtain walls for conventional stick construction, and that nice elevated deck is just a sail looking for a wind - but we'd be okay as long as we can keep an ear on the weather radio and sirens.  The basement is concrete and the arms room is about as tough-built as you can get - and has a water tap in it. 

The critters in that big steel pole barn, not so much. 

My only real grump about out where we are is that we can only hear the sirens if, like Saturday night, we're at the edge of the storm, under the cloud deck, but not in the rain  - only then can we clearly hear the sirens outdoors, and faintly indoors.  If there's any ambient noise, like rain or wind, we can't hear it - and about the time we'd need to, the storm will be blocking our television and sat-based internet access.    We can barely hear them on a still day with clear skies, because there's nothing to deflect the sound energy towards the house... there's a reason the Bose Wave speaker system works, and a natural form of it comes in the shape of a low cloud deck.

The radio is our friend.


Monty Python tapes a "storm cell that could be a tornado".
There's reason I'm not Ron Howard or Kenneth Branagh or Cecil B. DeMille.  Well, this is just *one* reason.

I could do Python captioning.  Well, at least until I got sacked.
A friend of ours was in Joplin last night. She and her husband are alright but they were at their daughter's house when things got exciting. They apparently all crowded into the bathroom and she held her granddaughter as the tornado passed over. She said the Stockton tornado and the microburst here in Nevada were nothing in comparison.
I much prefer Python.  And Cecil has nothing on Mr. DeBille and his grand diorama schemes.
Glad y'all made it through alright -- well, at least as *alright* as you were beforehand, anyway.
Glad to hear you were spared.  And why didn't you invite the horses into the safety of your basement?  Do you care more about the dogs and cats than about THEM?
Glad to here no problemos at the ol Castle

Was watching the storms Sat evening while at work and hoping y'all were okay.

We had virtually no rain either at work or at home, 18thst Expressway and the Kansas river.


Rich in KCK
 The horses are on over 30 acres of pasture - much of it is very low lying, so they are probably safer than we are. They have a shelter they can go into if need be.
You might think about installing one of these.  At grade, subgrade, or bermed.

But they'd feel much safer in the basement with y'all!
This is my tornado experience...on my birthday, no less.
I've lived through both Hurricanes and Tornado's. Of the two I'll take tornado's. Might last a few minutes at best on your location versus hours or even days if it stalls.

And as proven with Katrina, sure they may have days of notice that it was going to impact...but it sure doesn't keep them from screaming "We didn't know!" or entice them to seek shelter somewhere else versus the front porch with a bottle of rum
Rich in KCK,

I used to work at American Walnut, 18th and Argentine Blvd. Is that still there? I was on Google maps to try to look it up and it didn't look like it was there anymore. I keep meaning to go by there some time when I'm in KC but all my relatives are out west, in Bonner and Oskaloosa so I don't go by downtown.
Mark Matis writes, “But they'd feel much safer in the basement with y'all!” Very interesting, Mark, have you ever been in and enclosed place with scared  livestock of various sizes? Many times,  the livestock would prefer to be outside. Each farm and their livestock are different and respond differently to this type of event. As for the Castle and its livestock, I think Beth hit the right balance. When I was a kid, I tried to pull an old mule out of some rough weather. If you want to walk in, he had the absolute freedom to just walk into the shelter, but he chose not to, he felt trapped. After I brought him in, I broke an important rule, you may just be lucky enough to find some hoof  events  on your lower cheeks. Mark, I almost found out  that fact the hard way, **OUCH!!** Remember, animals have no problem showing their displeasure! Mark, please learn from my foolishness, from many years ago.  
Steve - you've got relatives all of 23 or 30 miles away from Castle Argghhh! yet yer too lazy to take a scenic drive either coming or going?
Hmmm.  Wunner how hard it would be to put one over an existing structure, Gunner.

Kinda like the hobbit house in Tennessee.
You might want to note that the inflatable structure has a floor that allows it to be inflated.  If you can work around that, and if the stuff inside the existing structure can take the air pressure required to inflate it, then you should be good.  Although it probably would be somewhat more expensive than one might think...
Been through hurricanes and tornadoes, and either one beats taking indirect fire...
Been a busy couple of days your way.  I guess there are times of the year you gotta listen to the radio a lot. I suppose they could hit at night too.

Those fibres with the domes looked interesting.

The last few years I've gotten to be more and more of a hermit. My hip is getting to be so bad that a trip from the living room to the bathroom is an event. The last time I was in KC was for a doctor appointment and I didn't go anywhere but to the doctor's office and then straight back home. I'm looking forward to a hip replacement so I can get around better but I have to lose more weight first. When I get the new hip - look out, I plan on doing all the stuff I've been putting off. 

I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, I don't have anyone to blame for it but myself, I've carried too much weight all my life and now it's time to pay the piper.
Tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding... Mother Nature's Revenge?
Shon - more like a combination of solar cycles and La Nina/Los Nino events in the Pacific.

Better to spend all that economic activitiy the unproductive class wants to confiscate for our own good to reduce our carbon output by figuring out how to live and build and thrive in this climate regime.

Because all their plans won't reduce the temp much (by their own admission) but will remove the economic wherewithal to develop coping strategies.
I have hesitated to comment on this one, because of dread, which rhymes with dead. That is some nasty stuff, I have just now worked up the gumption to send some prayers.
NevadaSteve, Yep it is still there I think,  might be under a different name. I have been meaning to check but keep forgetting.

One of these days:-)


Rich in KCK
Steve, Rich - Kansas City Hardwood Corporation, perhaps?