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In light of Bill's recent post...

...regarding health and aging...   Me want!

Ta hell with it, I don't have that many years left, anyway, and I know some of you are just waiting for me to drop dead so you can court SWWBO to try to score the Arsenal...


Oh, Heh. MY friends saw her pic and said, We'll pay you to send that guy a month's worth of quadruple bacon fatburgers....
Oh. My. Goodness. I so want one! Problem I have is my current gastric condition prevents that kind of excess, so y'all enjoy it for me!
Eat what you want and die like a man.
It needs more a big mound of chili cheese fries on the side and a large schooner of beer.

Did somebody say.... 'bacon'?  What's not to like about a bacon mug?

Advisory, some mild NSFW language and definately not safe for your arteries.
Next time you're in Tucson, drop into Lindy's.  Got burgers that cause cholesterol overload just by reading the menu!
Denny's has a new menu featuring....wait for it....BACON
The entire middle section is devoted to "baconmania" including a Bacon Sunday. 
 Needs a lot more bacon.
Too dang, stubborn!!   
That's at least a seven-mile run right there. Possibly longer. With lots of hills.
I might consider that, but

A. She would laugh at me, which would hurt my feelings, and

B. I suspect she could beat me up. I am just a scrawny little ectomorph of a certain age, you know.

I've been eating stuff like that on a regular basis all my life. I test way high on cholesterol and still don't take any drugs for it. I am a full on FALB (Fat Arsed Lazy Bastige) and don't do squat for exercise.

Winter before last, I had a bad run of pleurisy or whatever its called. During my 5 day hospital stay, they thought I had a small heart attack.

Sooo... off I went to get my arteries scoped.

I have less than 20% blockage all the way up and back. I am slightly better than normal for my age (50).

Don't fall for the health nazi crap. Their entire program is all about sucking the joy out of life.

Oh, and don't forget...

5 cups of coffee a day helps keep senile dementia and Alzheimer's away.

Why are my comments getting held for review! I haven't said anything nasty in a long time... at least I don't recall having said anything nasty in a long time.

Did I say something nasty without realizing it? I hate it when I do that.
I just went and released it.  I think the gnomes just hate you.
Hey, Grimmy:
They're just confusing you with me.  Gonna have to either change the flavor of your posts slightly, or get used to it...

At least it's not as bad as over at the blogspot guys.