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Heh. Aviators.

aviator tricks.png


He ain't no BUFF driver...
Fear of heights is a curious thing. When I was instructed to step out onto the Cessna's strut, and wheel, for my first jump (and the later ones) I had no particular fear of heights.  However, just being on top of a, say, four-story building makes me right dizzy. I think it's the visual continuity from where you are, down along the structure to the ground, which gets to you. Our monkey ancestors had no way to get high without climbing things, so we have no hard-wired scareditude about being up in the air with nothing beneath us.

Anyway, that's my hypothesis and I'm sticking to it.
Looks like a very young Bill. He can tell you shining those Sam Brown belts were a pain.
Heh. And no one noticed the difference in saturation between the "height" pic and the "background" pic? *snicker* 
One word - smog.  The EPA didn't exist back then...
SKK - sheesh.  Don't spoil a good picture, 'k?

It's entirely believeable.
At least as believeable as the "Birth Certificate"...
[rolls eyes]  %^)
Caption:  “Oh, just hanging out.” John, I believe somebody did a lot of work to create that image. I also believe that it is a good picture. My only comment is this, just look at the picture and tell me what you think you see.   
As a former Aviator, I'll take that Class-A uni, with all it's brass and leather to polish, over ANYTHING that that fighter-weenie Merrill McPeak ever came up with.

Ya know, were curse with both him and his holier-than-thou city councillor spouse here...
Ruin the -? Heck, no! I was admiring the darkroom artistry of blending two negatives into one seemingly seamless image! No easy feat, with them big ol' negatives....  But if you're feeling squintish, take a look at the base of the strut. How did all that dirt get on a city rooftop? And the color saturation... look how the top of the image was burned off in the -

Oops. Waitaminit.

OMIGOD! You realize, of course, that this is a rare shot of  the long discontinued H&K Triggerless Pistol w' gas powered wattle. They had to scrap it, of course, because the soldiers complained that the wattle looked too much like a human figure, and frightened the horses. I have no idea what that mess is in the background....