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He Would Like To Know

Lest we forget: At the grave-site of one who perished that fateful day.

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Man!  You know how to bring tears to a man's eyes.  Such potential gone, wasted.  So tragic.

Justice is sweet, but we're still not even.
Down Payment is all you can say!  More Installment Payments to Follow!   Many Many more!
We will never be even, let alone the Universe, until islam is eliminated, eradicated, and exterminated from the face of the Universe.  Then it will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
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Tragic.  May he RIP.

I was gonna ask if 38 was kind of old to be a cadet, until I read the rest of the headstone.
For anyone interested his Wiki-Entry: HERE
 I probably didn't gte the entire story of that bunch. Did the AF make them Cadets in honor for theway they died? Something I'd never heard. His Wiki page doesn't say.
For those that cannot speak for themselves

Arlington 9/11 kisok........

An entire family killed by that burning in hell bin laden and crew


The Falkenbergs, Jerry, were neighbors of mine.  I didn't personally know them but I knew of them, as they lived a half mile a way in University Park, MD.  Thanks.