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Gene Simmons, A KISS Of Logic



Boy, it sure looks like Mr. Simmons has packed on some poundage now that he's no longer making those exercise videos!
But he makes more sense than most politicians on EITHER side of the aisle...
Wow, Mark Matis is *Purple* on this issue. *VERY INTERESTING!*

Just a thought to the President of the United States, Barack Obama: Mr. President, In your speech on 18 May 2011, when the subject of the Middle East, you said many things. One of those things was for the Nation of Israel was to go back to the pre-1967 borders. Do you understand what you are saying to both Israeli and American Military Forces? In this group, I include all active duty, reserve, retired and all veterans. But there is one other group, “Those who gave that last full measure for their Country”. It is sadly ironic that you pick a time so close to our Memorial Day, to announce this policy. As I look at what you said, it sadly raises many important questions. There seems to be a disconnect between you and war, WAR is much more then the killing of bin Laden. To be very clear, I do's NOT believe John McCain would have been any better. WAR is a very ugly and expensive luxury, at some point, we must realize this fact. By saying what you did, you challenged every historical concept about war, but cannot end it with something better. Therefore, you brought a question to the table for every military person to deal with, we never actually win a war by gaining actual land territory. The reason is somebody like you saying blindly, “Just give it back.” This brings the ultimate dishonor to those who fought this Nation's wars. Yes, the circumstances between our Nation and the nation of Israel are the same, so walk VERY CAREFULLY.

About this idea on the “Historical Concepts of War”, how does this work? What would have happened if during or after our own Civil War, if somebody suggested that the victory over the South was wrong? You go back to the Pre-Civil War  Time with slavery back in place. Where does that leave you? To be absolutely clear, I believe in both circumstances it is equally wrong to go back to the pre-war status.
" least practice thousands of times..."


 I could live with Obama back in slavery, Along with Jackson and Sharpton.

Actually, they are. They forged their own chains and are using them to drag us down with them.
For Grumpy:
Actually, I'm somewhere to the right of the John Birch Society.  I see the bulk of the GOP as merely donkeys-in-elephant-suits, at best.  I do not mind them supporting Wall Street, but I expect social conservatism as well.  And let me assure you we didn't get that from EITHER Shrub.
 Mark Matis,  as I read your comment on 24 May 2011, in my view, you seem to contradict yourself. For the record, I am NOT saying that I have never contradicted myself on this site, it happens. When you speak of social conservatism, that includes Wall Street and the automobile industry. If this Country was conservative, they would have done “claw-backs” when these executives retired with extravagant golden parachutes. The money loaned by the US Government, taxpayer money, was not earned by the corporation. Therefore, the executive has no right to expect his golden parachute, regardless of contracts. The contracts are based on performance.

To be honest, I was sipping a cup of coffee while I was reading your comment. I got the last line, and I blew the coffee right out of my nose and just missed my keyboard. One of the things that really struck me is this, you write, “And let me assure you we didn't get that from EITHER Shrub.” Mark, the more you know, the madder  you get, as you look at the WHOLE picture. With the Country in the financial condition that it is in at the present time, just a question to ponder. How would you react to find out that the Shrubbery could be making money off of this  war?
For Grumpy:
Not particularly surprised, nor particularly concerned.  My biggest concern is the ROE, and that HAS gotten far worse since Gates took over.  But then I AM a Barnhardt fan...

And when I speak of social conservatism, I speak of NEITHER Wall Street nor the auto industry.  I see that as capitalism, which might be considered fiscal conservatism or not.  But social?  No way.
Mark Matis,

You're right, the primary issue is ROE. The question becomes, as you describe it, how does capitalism impact ROE? I will agree, it CAN have a positive impact. The second question is this, when the economy sucks, the reverse might be true?

Under the present circumstances, if you were SECDEF, what would you do?
For Grumpy:
Let Ms. Barnhardt define the ROE.
Or Gates of Vienna...

But then that's probably why I was banned from FreeRepublic.  And the Washington Times as well...