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And the good news is...

...that Murray has succeeded in not falling off the bottomside of the Earth for yet another year.

The Curmudgeonly Castle Kiwi (no, I'm *not* doing cutesie spellings today) provider of Trebuchets-For-The-Masses, teacher of Comparative Witchiness, recipient of colorful gongs, and creator of Gnome Homes and fake replica Medieval bodily adornment celebrates the successful passage of yet another solar cycle.

Snarkitude notwithstanding, ya just gotta admire a guy who's man enough to share his birthday with the Duke.


Happy Birthday, Murray! Spelling good thoughts your way! 
Mazel Tov! Happy Birthday Murray
Happy Birthday, Murray.  Have fun throwing things :-)
We might as well mention he finally managed to buy a degree in history, too...  and no professors were permanently harmed (physically).  There are some in treatment for PTSD.
Seriously, that was a fantastic quick evidence, my spouse and i was looking for something very similar for the long while. Perhaps even wikipedia wouldn't developed those techniques even. Keep on posting, you do this fine. Nonetheless, i have to go to work right now, so i should examine your site when i go back. Have a very good great day.
Heh.  Lookit what he drug in with him...
Happy Birthday Murray.
Is it today yesterday there or do I post a Happy Birthday tomorrow? I think Murray is ahead of his time...he's already ahead of ours.
Yes I'm a post modernist classicist.
 Fröliche Geburstag!
Happy belated birthday greetings to you, Sir!  May you have many more returns of the day!