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All Hail AOTUS (or izzit APEOTUS)!!!

During the past three years we have become accustomed to our beloved TOTUS.  You know - That goofy electronic device which commands our President  how to and when to speak in front of important constituents such as kindergartners.

Well, today the Patriot Reauthorization Act was signed into law by an Autopen.  So, not only we now have a machine that makes our C-in-C speak on queue, but now we have a machine that signs constitutionally mandated documents for him too.

Lets give a warm welcome to AOTUS, or is it APEOTUS, to the Presidential stable of electronic little tyrants.



 john    more walthers at cabelas just a few i do not have your email in my phone and this form does not work well with it
Steve - I'm in Knoxville, TN this weekend, anyway (see post above this one).

But thanks!
Izzat like voting present?
 Yeah, but it's "signing" present now.
Didn't Bank of America get slammed because autopens were used to sign documents for the Presidential Program on Mortgages?  Isn't there a law, of some kind-or-other that guards against this potential fraud?

Like, being existential enough to be present and sign with a pen, witnessed by the press and onlookers?
The reason we sign documents, is that a signature is our spirit's volition and commitment embossed into paper for the world to witness.  By having APEOTUS scribble a few strokes, does the President's volition and commitment to enforce our laws gets transmitted into paper?