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A moment of Gunner Zen

It may be dark and dreary, but no day is really sad if there's some powder to be burned...

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ATLANTIC OCEAN (May 11, 2011) The Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided-missile frigate USS Thach (FFG 43) fires its MK-75 76mm mounted gun while underway off the coast of Brazil. Thach is deployed supporting Southern Seas 2011. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Stuart Phillips)



Keeping a weather eye out on Messers Obama and Soros' investment  in Brazil's oil drilling  venture, no doubt.
Helped build/test the FCS on every one of the ships in that class.  Most fun I ever had was going out on a shoot and standing on the weather deck while the Oto-Malara was popping 60 rounds of 76mm goodness a minute at the floating target.
Gunfire is the only thing that does not care about weather.

Artie rules.

 Watched a whole lot of 'em being built here in Bath, Maine.  In fact, the owner of the local Irish Pub is a retired Master Chief & plank owner on USS Perry, FFG-7. 
76mm? Piffle -- that's less than twice the diameter if a 40mm grenade launcher.

Oh, wait -- that's a 3-inch gun! Wheeeee!
 It appears Bill doesn't have the proper reverence for Artillery.
Bill, you DO realize that that's a rapid-firing naval arty piece, right? And it can fire a "salvo" of four rounds at varying elevations, with all rounds to arrive on a single target at once, right? And that 60 rounds per minute is NORMAL fire rate and can be increased some, right? And that's a multi-purpose gun with anti-air capability, with a micro-wave radar that tracks the shells and corrects firing into the target, right? And if they built a warship with TWO of those, it would have more firepower in a sea battle than any WW2 warship, right?

Oh, you already knew. Good. I'll stand down about modern naval fire support then.
Nah, guys, Bill just didn't like having French measurements used to describe the size of the piece. He's old-fashioned that way. So am I.  The so-called "metric" system is for people who aren't good at mental arithmetic.

Now, speaking as a critic of that image,  I would like to see some flame to go along with that smoke.
JTG - see the center of the smoke cloud - a ball of fire is working on blossoming into fiery glory.

Rivrdog - Paladin can do the mutl-shot TOT as well.  In fact, well trained gun crews can do many fun things with their cannon.
If you look closely you'll see the projectile leaving the gun followed bay a ball of flame in that big ball of smoke.  Looks like a damed fine photo to me...
For Justthisguy:
You mean there isn't already enough flaming on Castle d'Argghhh!!!! for your taste?