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Whoa -- another birthday?!?

No, not mine.

And no, Boq, not Vlad "Ol' Mothbait" Lenin's, either -- that was *last* week.

It's recently-out-from-behind-the-draperies Denizenne Susan Katz Keating's natal anniversary. She's already got a scad of toys to play with at the Tank Farm, but she keeps hinting that she needs ammo for her Airsoft AK.

Personally, I think she's only in it for the cake.


"Personally, I think she's only in it for the cake."

Mebbe... Depends on who pops out of the cake, Bill.  I know one person she'd like as a present, but since we're in dream world... I think I'll deliver a few of THESE GUYS instead.  rawwwr
Is that a knock on my door?

*peers out window*

Deebs. You didn't. 
Happy Birthday, SKK!
Happy Birthday SKK. Let's be careful out there.
Come on... step it up people.  It is almost 1530 (that's 3:30pm for you Air Force types) and I'm the only one who has left a present?
Of course, she is pretty quiet, so I'm assuming she's enjoying her cake and eating it too at the moment.  heh.
A party!?  Can't have a party without music: and dancers....ummmm, dancing 
Baby eagles.

 *checks watch*

Y'know, Sly... if you catch that last puddle-jumper...  

Slumber Party commences at 1930 Eastern. Carrie and Dbie and Shelle have got the whole beverage issue under control, and it's BYO pillow... other than that, we have to fill you in when you get here. Top 5 Rules, and all...

*licks fingers*

Don't mind me... I'm just finishing off that cake I'm only in it for.

Whups! My manners.

Thanks, Bill. I'm touched.
While I appreciate the offer, jumping on anything that flies is not happening tonight since they've just extended the tornado warning for my area......again - thanks to a strong storm cell about 30 miles SW of us.
Bill flies...

Just sayin'.
May you have many more!
Heh.  To go along with the hot hunks (pun intended), I give you lipstick in blazing red for a kiss on a commemorative handkerchief.   Give each gentleman one.  It isn't every day they get to celebrate your birthday!
*takes a break from festivities*

Why, thank you all for the kind wishes and gifts! The leftover cake has been tucked away, and all handkerchiefs accounted for.    ; )

Now if you'll 'scuse me... this slumber party stuff is so -

Deebs! You said *I* could use that color...
Whoops!  Very sorry to be a day late here, 'specially considering that I have no excuse, having first read that on the day itself. 

Mrs. Keating, I wish you very many returns of the day, and that you grow very old and keep your health, and that your relations and friends and acquaintances and offspring look out for you, and that you prosper.
P. s.  I do hope that someone has baked a Delicious Caek (as the /b/tards say) for Mrs. Keating.
*writing down the JTG Blessing*

Thank you!

My li'l baby Courtney whipped up a great cake - and we even have leftovers!

But who is this Mrs. Keating person....? 
Happy B-Day SKK.  Unlike many, I do look forward to sampling some of your famous lasagna.  Just please bring it to me in one of THESE handy-dandy vessels, OK
Come on, Boq... where's your sense of adventure? Part of the fun is predicting the blast fan!