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Time to rerun a Classic Post from the archives....

For you noobs who haven't been around that long and don't take the time (understandably, they're huge and they're cranky) to rummage the archived posts... This post first ran on Feb 12, 2006, almost exactly two years ago.

Yu-ain [who useta hang around here a lot more than he has lately] said:

Oh, and by the way. I just hafta share (this is a gun-ish blog of sorts):

The LG and I just completed the Safety Course needed to obtain our state's Handgun Carry Permit.

And while I've only been to the pistol range twice before, I've got to say my groups looked pretty dang good. From all the targets I could see, only one person shot better than me.

But what really made me proud was the LG, who had never shot a gun before came in 3rd. If it hadn't been for two fliers she would have beaten me.

The instructor looked at her, then at me and asked me if I played poker. I told him I played a little. He looked straight at me and said "Don't Cheat".



Heh, indeed. SWWBO and I can shoot, too. See below.


As SWWBO noted in her post yesterday, it was a very Red State day at Argghhh! Buying large animal supplies, taking care of the horses, late breakfast at Waffle House, 400 rounds downrange in the afternoon. And of course it was a Castle Argghhh! Range Day, with two WWII vets providing the fun.

SWWBO is getting more famous among gun bloggers (hey, she's getting *linked* and I'm not!) than Castle Argghhh! Why is that? She's getting dangerous with a pistol. And by dangerous, I mean to the intended target, not random locations generally downrange, either. Just take a look here.

Don't mess with SWWBO!

That's three magazines, 45 rounds. No misses. Not bad for her first day shooting a semi-auto. And this isn't her only target, she put over 150 rounds downrange yesterday.

It was a typical day for a beginner - first round was a 10x. After that, we had the usual issues with grip, anticipating recoil, closing the eyes, etc. Rather than get all anal about technique, etc - I just let her blaze away downrange, keeping the occasional eye on things when they got bad (grip problems, especially) but mostly just let her get comfortable with the whole concept of shooting a pistol. We can drag out the Right and Left handed Castle Shooter Analysis Targets on a later trip, and start working on the pathologies. For all that - I must note - every round she sent downrange - hit her target. No misses, which I think says a lot about the pistol *and* the shooter. She tried both the Castle Nazi-marked Radom VIS-35 pistol and the Inglis Hi-Power. Although the VIS-35 probably fit her hand better, she likes the Inglis better - as that target above shows.

We went shooting at Total Range, L.L.C, in St Joseph, Missouri - a place we were introduced to courtesy of KCSteve who invited me to a Christmas party held there by members of At $20 per person per year, we bought memberships. Very nice place. We don't recommend it to you, however. Then you'd go buy memberships and start taking up range space and we might have to wait to get a shooting stall. Nothing to see here, move along.

The Armorer was pleased with his performance yesterday. I only put one magazine through the Inglis, at 5 yards, with this result. Mostly making sure the Inglis was in good shape, so that problems in shooting would be SWWBO-related, not weapon-related. Easier to fix when you can isolate the variables, eh? Our Product of Canada was in fine shape, only suffering from his user's problems, not those of his maker or bad storage.

Armorer's target, Inglis Hi-Power, 5 yards, PMC 9mm fodder

I then shifted over to the Nazi-marked Polish Radom VIS-35 pistol. Also a 9mm like the Inglis. Three magazines (24 rounds) through that, again at 5 yards.

Armorer's target, Polish VIS-35 pistol, PMC 9mm fodder, 5 yards

This is the first time I've shot the VIS-35. I'll spare you the target by target details, but after I was comfortable with it, I sent the carrier downrange to 20 yards. [I'll note at this point while I did cherry-pick the targets to post here, they were *all* like this] The head shots in the following picture are at 20 yards.

Armorer's target, head shots at 20 yards, body shots at 10.  Polish VIS-35 pistol shooting PMC 9mm

Not being happy with the leftward drift (combination of my glasses and how the downrange and uprange light interacted with target and sights), I pulled the target in to 10 yards and put a box of 50 through the Vis. You can see that in the pic above - or better yet - in this pic.

Armorer's target, Radom VIS-35 pistol, 10 yards, 50 rounds PMC 9mm

The Armorer *really* likes the VIS-35. A lot. That's 50 rounds in that target - no flyers, no misses. I really really really like that pistol. I need to find some more magazines.

Note to goblins - just remember - if you *do* get past me, SWWBO's right behind me, turning your liver into pate'. You should take the offer of "Turn around and leave" when it's offered. It will only be offered once.

All in all, a good Red State kind of day.


Hey guys, I'm still around. 

It's just that in the last 7 months or so, I got a really raw deal in a re-org, I found a new job, our second child was born (and our oldest is only 18 months older), Moved from Memphis to Charlotte for said job (I just opened the last box two nights ago, but now have to put a crap-load of stuff into storage and get rid of all the trash), and getting a house ready to sell.

I've been busy :-)

Speaking of, some range time would be really nice right about now if I had the time.

Life gets in the way sometimes, donnit?
Yu-ain!  Congrats on the new bundle of joy!
0>:~} Joseph still a pretty far drive for me to do a membership. Maybe a weekend get together however...
Yer always welcome at the Castle, BS.
I think that having played clarinet for most of my youth has helped my pistol shooting. One learns to move one finger and keep the others still.
P. s.  Exercising with a handgun is very like exercising with  a musical instrument. When practicing, one should slow down to the tempo at which he can do everything right, and once perfect at that tempo, speed it up, a bit, and so forth.