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Time To Move On

After close to three years of stonewalling, and using the polemic to politically isolate and ridicule their opponents, The White House has finally released our President's long form birth certificate: Link HERE.

I guess that moving now to the 2012 Presidential cycle, it's time to emplace to the next set of snares and trap-doors for its opponents.



It was time to move on three years ago.  Now maybe these 'birthers' will find something better to do.
Fat chance, Phillip- the document Boq links too has been available online for at least a year now (I first saw it last Spring).
And while 'I am not now nor ever have been' one of those Birther pinheads there is one thing I find a bit incongruent with said document....
Yup. It's one of three variant COLBs -- not birth certificates -- that the Dems have waved around to the Kos Kids and at DU, each site claiming to have the One True Copy.

A forensic document analyst would have a field day. Even I can pick out such anomalies as Kenya being listed as "East Africa." An entry in 1961 would have called it "British East Africa" -- encompassing Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika.

But, maybe Phillip's right. It's time to move on -- to find out why Obie spent two million bucks to hide his transcripts, dissertations, and records from Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard.
What's wrong with forgery? Obfuscation? Shell gaming?

Nothing. Just ask The Prez. 
Why Check Safety Paper? Being a government document, Safety Paper is rather expensive. And some of those types of paper made it difficult to reproduce. Pigmentation in the inks came up on Xerox, or Cannon or Sharp, whatever.

Oh well. I have to go do something important, like match my socks.

Wow.  You actually match socks?  I just buy only black, and then build my wardrobe around that.

Easier than matching socks...
I get different shades of black, depending on the number of wash cycles each pair has been through.  Maybe that's what Fishmugger is referring to.  LOL
White, reinforced toe and heel, mid calf...what else do you wear with waders. Some have blue stripes, some red stripes, some have a logo. Don't want to get those logos mixed up.
Whilst you bretheren are pontificating about birthers and your socks, the entire point has gone over your heads.

This entire birth-document thing was nothing less than the best Cloward-Piven Strategy ever devised. Using it, Obama was able to suck in a substantial portion of his opponents, and keep them mesmerized for several years, and during that time, the MSM went to work to marginalize them. Reversing that marginalization won't be easy.

I was a "birther" for a few weeks until I slapped myself upside the head, put myself in a brace and ordered myself to disregard the Ersatz-politics.

How many things got by us while the "birthers" were clamoring to throw the bum out, which wasn't about to happen anyway? Obama-care? Rape of the DOD? Trashing of the US Dollar?

So, huge Kudos to the Donald for bringing it up, forcing the polling, and all the other things which led the Prez to the conclusion that he needed to end the masquerade (or post his best forgery, whichever one YOU believe in).

People, we can't afford to be distracted like this, because "rope-a-dope" is what will get used on us routinely until Obama gets a second term, and if you think the first term has been damaging, you won't believe what is in store for us with the second term.

Y'all have probably seen this by now:

Toluca - no, I haven't seen this one. 

At this point, I'm just munching popcorn watching it play out.
The other two "birth certificates" floated by DK and DU were obvious cut 'n' paste forgeries, too -- and, at any rate, it's still just a COLB, and *not* the "long form birth certificate" everyone's touting.


If you're applying for the Hawaiian Land Program, or any other state program in Hawaii, a COLB is not accepted as proof of having been born in Hawaii -- you produce a document with either the words "Birth Certificate" or "Certificate of Hawaiian Birth" on top, or you hit the pike.

Black socks. Except with waders, of course...
I will submit myself for appropriate flogging should it be necessary but I'm curious....

To be president, you must be a natural born citizen of the US.  This requires being born on US soil, so poignantly illustrated by the illegal aliens that cross our borders daily so they can have their baby born here, OR it requires at least one parent be a US citizen if born outside the country.

SO, with this reasoning, if his mother was a US citizen, even though he was born in Kenya, as some say, wouldn't that still make him a 'natural-born' citizen?

Flog away.
I believe both parents have to be citizens.
Nope, only one. But other criteria then kick in. For example --

For persons born between December 24, 1952 and November 14, 1986, a person is a U.S. citizen if all of the following are true (except if born out-of-wedlock):

1. The person's parents were married at the time of birth
2. One of the person's parents was a U.S. citizen when the person was born
3. The citizen parent lived at least ten years in the United States before the child's birth;
4. A minimum of 5 of these 10 years in the United States were after the citizen parent's 14th birthday.

If Obie *was* born in Kenya, it would make sense to refuse to produce a Birth Certificate. Numbers 3 and 4 are the kicker -- Obie's mother did not spend five years in the US between her 14th birthday and Obie's birth.
The issue I have with BHO II's COLB is probably only an ignorant mistake made by a secretary in 1961...
Note that the mother's race is correctly listed as 'Caucasian'.
But the father's race is listed as... 'African'.
Now, leave us not quibble about racial designations but the fact is there is no 'African' race; in 1961 BHO I should have been listed as 'Negroid' or perhaps simply 'Negro'.
The Birther crowd may well be all over this but I don't swim in those circles so I dunno, I haven't heard anyone else bring it up.
It's a moot point. That particular COLB format is a computer form dating from the 1980s -- there shouldn't be any pen-and-ink entries from 1961 on it.
Well, at least I'm not a complete idiot, just partial.  My wife may still contest the matter though.
He has had 2 years+ to fabricate a document with the expertise of the FBI and CIA, and "rewarded" his then appointed head of the CIA to become the SOD...And, within minutes of his "Birth Certifuicate" disclosure, the State of Hawaii has denied anyone access to the records - no comparison can be made... A million+ dollars to hide evidence of any past life, now...a "Birth" thing...
Try this yourselves here is the link to the posted document in pdf. open it up and zoom in on the document number, 800% and look at the last one. if you have done any image editing you will have not problem finding waldo.

 The term "Natural Born" is a nebulous thing. It's never been defined as such but the founders held that required two citizen parents with no ties of allegiance to another country. Obama didn't have that as he was born a British Subject because of his father. Many people substitute "Native Born" which is another nebulous term as well.

The BC that Obama recently "released" seems to be a clumsy forgery. The PDF file still had layers in it that were recognized by Adobe Illustrator. I have used Adobe Illustrator myself for a brief period and always collapsed the final product into a single layer simply because it takes less room to store. The Market Ticker link above raises other issues showing tampering as well.

Just as with the sloppy attempt at embarassing Bush years ago with modern fonts ratehr than the normal IBM Selectric fonts used back in the 70s, there are simply too many well informed people with technology at hand to be able to get much by them these days. The left is faced with a serious problem if they think they can be as sloppy as they used to be and succeed. While the "birther" stuff is tiresome, and I have found much else tiresome, it is a real issue as long as they keep stringing people out and refusing to come clean. I think they are genuinely scared spitless over coming clean. I'd like to see the stuff from Occidental, Columbia and Harvard as well. There have been rumors he attended Occidental as a Foreign student. Add in travel to Pakistan on a foreign passport, and we may need an extra large cache of popcorn for this one.