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The Whatzis, revealed! Now with more cat hair!

Ta-daaaa!  Neffi was mostly correct, and PrimEvil Raging Tachikoma was exactly correct.  The Steyr-Mannlicher M1905 automatic pistol.  One of the earliest players in the game.

Ooops.  Scene-stealer.

Here.  This one is better.

This is one of the 6000 pistols made for the Argentine Army contract.  If Damncat's head wasn't in the way, you could see where the Argentine crest was ground off the pistol when they were surplused out.  Older Argentine weapons have their crests ground off because some surplus rifles ended up being used in the Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia, causing some embarrassment to the Argentines. 

Newer surplused weapons, like this M1927 .45 cal pistol (seen here with his grandfather the M9105), which were surplused out much later, don't have their markings ground off.   This M1905 is relatively unique because usually you find these pistols with an ugly grind-patch on the receiver cover. Someone lovingly polished this one clean (hold it to the light right, and you can see the indentation where the metal was removed) and then properly hot-blued it to the correct finish.  Damages the collector's value to people who get exercised about such things, gives the Arsenal of Argghhh! a representative piece at less than half the going rate.  Win-win to my eyes!

Here he is, broken down into his major sub-assemblies.  One of the simpler designs of it's time, it shoots a reasonably stout round for an unlocked breech blowback pistol,  the 7.63 Mannlicher. It never really caught on as a service arm, though it sold well commercially and could be seen on WWI battlefields as a private-purchase weapon in the hands of Austro-Hungarian officers.  It is clip-fed, rounds being stripped from the *clip* into the integral *magazine* (koff - you know who you are, you nomenclature abusers).  There is a catch on the other side of the butt (obscured by Damncat's head, sadly) that allowed you to unload the magazine manually.

I agree with Neffi that to me, this is one of the more aesthetically pleasing semi-auto pistol designs.  It has an elegance about it - kind of like the Austro-Hungarian Army.  And it lasted about as long, too...  Compare and contrast to the Castle's Desert Eagle in .357 Magnum... 


Yeah, a little sneaky, but I also tend to understate things- just a  tad! The big thing is We both had fun! THANK YOU!   
 If I had my druthers, I druther have the Desert Eagle. Not to diss the elegance of the other piece, I'm just too poor at present to have much of a firearms archeological collection.
That's one of the reasons the Castle exists, QM.  To be the virtual gun collection of people who have to make more practical choices.
..."Primevil was exactly correct"...
Ummm...I was? Last comment I made on the thing concerned grilling tongs.
Nice peice, though. I've had the privilige of handling one of these many
moons ago, but never saw one dissassembled.

Raging Tachikoma.  RAGING TACHIKOMA.

I *hate* it when I do that.
Been there, done that. Brain farts happen. The first red baloon to go up was
"Did I post something I don't remember?". Wouldn't be the first time that happened.