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Ooompaloompa Armor Brigade - Whattzit Revealed

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the old DDR's Kinderpanzer Programme.  As I stated last week, kids looove tanks:

Well, back in the 70's, someone in the DDR had the brilliant idea of captivating the imagination of East German Boys, and make them look forward to the time in which they too could become TOW Missile targets, *er* T-64 Tank warriors. 

To be frank with you, if back in the day as an 8-year old kid someone would ask me whether I wanted to play war in a rolling mini-tank with real treads and actual shooting pyro-cannon, I too would run so fast to sign-up that all you'd see is a trail of trampled corpses in my wake.  Who-Hoo!

Those lucky few kids who joined the Thälmann Pioneers and Freie Deutsche Jugend (i.e. Commie Scouts), were the ones selected to play with them mini-tanks.

(The KinderPanzer Armor Brigade on parade, 1979)

And yes JW even without cat hair, it was too easy for sharp intellects as yours.  Thanks!



Wow, these guys have TWO tanks!!  i quess we better not mes with them!

Some kids have all the fun.  When I was a kid, we just had BB guns, M80s, and pup tents.  LOL
 For my nephews, of course: