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Okay, let's move from the outside to the inside...

And see if that helps.

Cannonshop's instincts are pretty good.  Amazing what a difference turning the thing upside down does to your perspective of it.  In this pic, the object is oriented as it would be in use.  And the piece you've been puzzling over covers this area.

Don't feel bad, guys and gals - if I didn't know what it was already, this would be the first clue that might lead me to success.  With the previous two shots, I wouldn't have been any more successful (and certainly not as inventively funny) as you lot.


Ahh, the side plate assembly for the lovely Steyr-Mannlicher M1901 I'm thinking...
Where'd the Hammer of Thor go?
I believe Neffi got it, but just to be extra snarky I will go ahead and sya Steyr-Mannlicher 1905, vice the 1901 based on what I can see of the grip panel.  I swear Steyr has made some of the fugliest handguns to ever come down the pike, between this one, the Steyr-Hahn, Steyr-Roth and the Steyr-Mannlicher 1894 which looks more like a boomerang than a gun.
No help for it.  I have to rule out picayune washboard with extra large river prongs.
Ah-ha!  I think I see how the first piece fits, from the last pic of it, the large upward swoopey part fits upside down over this section.

Darned if I can identify it, though.  Although from looking at this shot, it would appear that none of those components are in a movable condition at this time...
It is fully functional, I assure you James.  There's some grease in there, but everything works.
still don't know what it is, but i'm POSITIVE there are at least 24 more of them out there!
One of the most aesthetically pleasing military sidearms ever produced, IMHO...
I figured y'all know it is a bracket that holds the internal workings of a revolver. And we look at the lower left-hand corner, we see two rounds components to trigger and the trigger guard. The handle goes from the lower right hand side down. John  was a little sneaky and cropped the picture off to hide the hammer.   
A little sneaky?  C'mon, Grumpy - more'n a little...!

It's not a revolver, though.