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Let us continue, with a perspective change.

If you need to catch up - go to the post before this one.

You've earned some feedback - it is, indeed, as noted for fit and finish, pre-war manufacture.

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Ads, clicked. Jonesing, fulfilled. This is a particularly good one, boss,  and even my google-fu is working hard to get anywhere with this.

usually 90 seconds of googling will get me close, often I don't answer just because i find it so easily. But unless you carried the device of which this is a part, i doubt you could recognize it, and assembled into it's assembly, I think it'd be hard to recognize.
Wold it be an M-333 Weathervane?
It's Sister Bag O'Metaphors' twin-bladed, knuckle whacker (double-sided to get you coming and going. Patent pending.)  Developed and refined at Villainous Company on such snarky test subjects as Mr. DeBille (that's where the dent on the bottom of the blade came from, btw), the Armorer, YaG, et al.

Are you sure that's a cat hair and not from saaayyyy...a long-tailed marmoset?

Hope your Easter Sunday was joyful.
 With the new view, I'm certain it's the special S'More toasting tool of Reichswehr issue ca 1925.
Is that a gray cat hair? not having served, i was thinking that may be important.
My uncle, 89, served in the pacific during WWII, he passed this week. Just wanted to take a second and thank all of you that have served!

Um, Rob - no, the cat hair color is not significant.  That's just... Damncat's color.

As for your uncle - check your email.

And you're welcome on that last.
Dammit, Sir! I am now very sorry that I started that cat-hair thing.  Having started it, I want credit (or punishment) for starting it, of course. I am willing to to take my reward, or licks.
P.s.  I have my Kenneth Alford CD on endless repeat, playing "Cavalry of the Clouds."

Surely Unka Bill will show up and assist me?
Id say its the selector lever on the old Thompson, it looks case hardened and, well, made for a real weapon, not something Mattell offers.
I feel so inadequate, I haven't a frelling clue what it is, except that it's clearly curved in a way that doesn't make sense to me-esp. with where the serrations are.  I suspect it's some bit from a long-out-of-production weapon that was probably too complicated for what it did, and that's about as far as I can get. 
A Maori War Club used to keep the British in line many moons ago.