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Juggling Committments

Sometimes results in unplanned schedule breaks.

*peering at 'lectric calendar*

It seems that I'll be in the vicinity of Foggy Bottom on Saturday, with nothing to do in the morning except cool my heels.

Anybody out there know of anything interesting going on in




UnkaBill's-a-commin! UnkaBill's-a-commin! UnkaBill's-a-commin!
Yanno, Bill - the fact that you and I have never been seen in the same location at the same time is going to start a conspiracy theory...
Well, it hasn't been too difficult to maintain the illusion so far. Only about three people have ever "met" both of us, and "we" have enough on them to keep them toeing the line...

And, in response to an increasingly-frantic flurry of e-grams from the hotel housekeeping staff, the scrup'l pack will be remaining at stately Tuttle Manor.

Dang, that reminds me -- I gotta practice that Joisey accent...


I can hardly wait!

Don't have to wait. Watch any Three Stooges film -- Moe does a pretty good Joisey accent.
Nooooooo!!!!  THe first year EVER that I'm not at the milblog conference and you finally decide to show your face!!!!!


SuhWeet!  Saturday will be extra fun :-)

*cries a river*
Looking forward to it.
It's the accent I'm having to wait for...
 "... to show your face"
'Face' ... ah, that's what he meant.

I should learn to *proofread*.  Left out the "not"  as in "It's *not* the accent I'm having to wait for"....
Heh.  You'll have lots ta talk about.  I hope y'all have a great time.
 Have fun Bill. Just not too much fun. I'm sure you can remember the consequences of that from your younger stupid days.
What makes them any different from my older stupid days?

Aside from the price of the beer, that is...
"What makes them any different from my older stupid days?"

Umm....the availability of designated drivers??
So there we were. Me, Carrie, Shelle, Maggie, and Sami, minding our own business, innocently painting our toes at our slumber party, flipping through the new Vicki's catalogue, when...

Oh. Wait. I can't write that. None of  this stuff has happened yet. In fact, the scene has *nothing* to do with this thread.


You'll just have to wait for the AAR.

Hey, Deebs --- need us to swing by and pick you up?
Looks like Unka Bill has volunteered to dry the dishes, given his posting at 6:08 pm above.  Always in the kitchen at parties, eh Bill?
Yup. The kitchen is where the refrigerator is, and the beer is where the refrigerator is...

...and I'm where the beer is.

Or where the bourbon is -- I'm not picky.
In fact, the scene has *nothing* to do with this thread.

That's a *promise*, right?
~ taps foot ~

Bill. How can I possibly answer that? None of this has happened yet!

I'll cop to being psychic... but I'm not a fortune teller. Yeesh. 
Top 5 answers to the question "What happens at a slumber party at SKK's house"
Survey SAYS....
1. TINS bedtime stories
2. Juicy gossip
3. Adult beverages
4. Scheming to take over the world
5. Nail painting

But, then again... that's just what we'll admit to in public. What happens at SKK's... stays at SKK's....
"Juggling Commitments"

Commitments.......commitments.......nope, sorry, no matter how many times I try I just can't wrap my head around *commitments* coming after *juggling* in a Mr. DeBille post.
Just. Can't. Do. It.
It is a bit hard to believe DL.