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It's that time of the year again

Yup. Time to exercise your blog-given right to vote for your favorite milblog! The Army, both Active and in the veteran/retired auld phart category, is pretty well represented; some old familiar names are gone, replaced by some interesting newcomers, and -- natcherly -- the Castle got nominated.

Perennial underdog that we are.

In other categories, perennial favorites Princessa de la Moata Boston Maggie's off to a good start in the Best U.S. Military Supporter Blog running, and most-recently-arrived Denizenne Susan Katz Keating is in the running for Best U.S. Reporter Blog.

The voting format's a bit different this year, but dirt simple once you get the hang of it. First off, you'll be going here to vote -- don't click it yet! -- and that'll take you to the menu of categories. Open one, and click the dark circle to the right of your choice, then go to the top of the page, sign in, and click the circled   x  . That will bring you back to the main menu. Pick another category, vote, and because you only need to register once, just click the circled   x   again to return to the main menu.

Meanwhile, John and Lex are coping with major suckitude issues, so please keep 'em in your prayers, kids...

Okay, why are you still here? Vote! This is probably the one contest in the country the Libs can't steal...


So how long do we have to wait until we can vote again? (Its my NJ voting DNA)
Thanks, Bill! I voted for you guyses, too. I mean, how can you resist a blog that smells like cordite? 

Fishie: Just sign in on different compturs! See, all you have to do is rent a room at a bunch of different hotels - 50 should do - and then go from lobby to lobby, using the business center, and cast your votes. Don't worry. You don't have to actually stay at all 50, so you're good to go.... 
Now we know how SKK intends to defeat the Yawnster!
You can "test drive" the laptops at Staples, too.

*checking map*

Okay, in New Jersey.... if you start north and sweep your way down along the shore.... 
Ooooooo baby...I have a Best Buy and a Staples right here and an Office Max, and the town Library. I also have to get in touch with my grandchildren at the high school...the Easter Bunny was good to them this weekend and they owe me. Gotta break them in right.

You don't even have to do that, just take a laptop around to Mickey D's and various other fast food joints that have hotspots and log on, each place would give you a different ID, much cheaper than renting a room! Not that I would suggest cheating or anything. . .
 Fishie, Yes! Totally break in those kids! I can't wait til my Grandpumpkin is old enough for such lessons!

Nevada Steve: You mentioned cheating and renting a room in the same paragraph. Is there anything you would like to share with us?  ; )   But this Mickey D solution opens an entirely new world of ballot box stuffing... Yes. Yes, it does. Many heartfelt thanks. 
As I wrote over at Cap'n Lex's site, it seems that, not only am I not allowed to vote on the thing, I am not even allowed to email the people running the contest and complain about that, they seeming to think that my perfectly-good email addy which I have used since 2004 or so is invalid.

If it's any consolation, if I were allowed to vote, I would of course vote for the Mad Major as the best Army Mil-blogger, and Cap'n Lex as the best Naval Mil-blogger, to spite those bubble-heads who are neurally similar to me, but don't have the long loyal relationship to the good Captain which I claim.
Besides, both Lex and the Major put up with me.  I think I might have gotten a bit crossways  with that Blackfive guy;; Something about my deriding his decision to actually spend money to hang out in Colliier County, Florida, I think it was.
Er... (scratches dirt with toe) Um....

I already done voted for Lex, as I hadn't realized the Castle was also on the list.

Hope you don't mind too much, John. ;-/

Story of my bloglife, Casey.

Always the bridesmaid...
Think positive, John.

Maybe everyone else will forfeit...
JTG: No worries. Just email me all your logins and passwords, and I'll take care of everything. Oh, and... new this year... the voting company needs bank account & routing numbers. So you'll need to send me those, too. 
 JTG, Argghhh is on teh same list as Lex. I voted Lex as I was conflicted between here and there and came down on teh side of Navy Blue where I spent more time on active than elsewhere as teh Army had more sense than to keep me with a time bomb in my knee that teh Navy was content to live with. Alas, flight school...

But, I did vote for SKK :-)
Qm, I am happy that I was prevented from having to decide between The Captain and The Armorer.
I don't have an e-mail address to forward this article on to you with, has an interesting article concerning Green Beret  Sgt. 1st Class Donald Shue, missing since 1969 while on a mission in Laos, finally getting home.  Just thought it might be of interest.