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Human Lightning Rod

Does lightning strikes twice?

Yes it does.



Was that from the same people who provided The One's Certifcate of Live Birth?
If that's not faked, seriously sux to be that guy.  Wasting your lottery luck like that.
Getting hit once is bad luck, the second one looks malicious.  I think at that point, I'd have low crawled the rest of the way.
How did the guy with the umbrella get passed through, and this guy got pounded?
Talk about your "double tap"... 
I can understand the big wet puddle after the first strike.  But, if this isn't fake, what could he possibly have left in his bladder to cause the second one??
DL, I thought those were scorch marks from the lightning, not puddles.

He musta been a bad, bad maaaaan.

He gots smited twice! 

The man in the sky did a double-tap.
@Kevin, "He musta been a bad, bad maaaaan.
He gots smited twice!
The man in the sky did a double-tap."

Kevin, is he a bad man or just plain "brain dead"?  Lightning is a strange beast. I've seen it do some strange things. When I was a kid,  I saw some strange things happen with lightning. We have the neighbor whose house was hit on one side and I took out all of the nails on that one side. You could sit in the living room, and look through the wall  and look out side. This means it also took the drywall, sheathing and siding off.

One day, many years ago, it was a really hot, humid day, I was over at a  friend's house. You could smell the ozone in the air. No air conditioning, this means all of the windows and doors were open. It got really spooky, then we saw ball lightning come through the front door, then through the house and out the back door. It then it splintered  a large oak tree. I'll never forget it.
I once worked with a guy who got hit six times by lightning, not all at the same time though. One time he was on his back porch, the sky was clear with not a cloud in the sky, and he still got hit. I later worked with his granddaughter and she said he had been hit a couple more times sInce I worked with him.
STAY DOWN for the love of god man, STAY DOWN!!!
Did you ever get one of those days?   
Yowch.  That had to hurt.  Definitely wasting lottery level luck!
The VAST majority of people go through life without any hint of a strike.

This guy? Two strikes in less than a minute! Sucks to be him!!!

Anyone have any idea what the odds on this are?

*That* brought back memories. I got whacked three times, but they were spaced out over a couple of months...
Karma Bill?