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And *hmmmmm* again.

Either it's me (which wouldn't be at all surprising) or my 'puter, but voting in the Milbloggies appears to be pretty light.

And, since my ballot-box stuffing days are long-gone (gee, I miss having access to a whole floor full of computers), I'm stuck with shilling.

And, since voting ends tomorrow (is tomorrow still Thursday? I kinda lost track, what with the apocalypse or something that happened on the 21st, according to the billboards), I might as well shill, so shill I will...

If you still haven't voted, or if you've already voted but just purchased twenty or so new laptops and are itchin' to test-drive them, go here and start checking those blocks -- errrr, circles.

Remember, it's okay to read the instructions *and* review the field of nominees before you vote, Casey...


What do you mean, voting is light? I've voted at least 200 ti

I mean... I thought those tally numbers referred to the comments. But what do I know... I've been so busy handing out bribes...
Except it's not the long form is it?
Oops should gone under the birth certificate entry, sorry
Jeez, Bill, I said I was sorry... ;)

I guess that means I'm front-runner for the assignment of retrieving the down-range targets while everyone is still firing? Or am I the target? Heh.

You can be the target-paster...
I read about this at Cap'n Lex's place and I tried, I really tried, to vote for both him and The Armorer.  It was impossible for me. Not only that, but when I tried to send them an email to complain, I was told that my email addy, the only one I have, which I have been using since 2004 or so, which seems to work just fine with you folks and everyone else in the world, was invalid,  I threw in the towel.
JTG... dude... I told you. Send me all your passwords. And the bank routing numbers. I'll take care of everything. 
Susan, you have a low nasty sense of humor. I like that in a woman. Or a man, for that matter.
 I like it in women better. I think their shape is far nicer.
John, why do I get the feeling that -if I asked for ballistic protection- you would hand me a thick t-shirt? Heh.

Casey - please.  I have some nice WWI trench armor you could use.