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Happy Birthday Unka-V

Today is Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov's Birthday. You may all remember him by his nom de guerre:

(Click to enlarge)

No - Wait.  That's most definitely what the current administration is NOT inflicting upon us, is it?  But I digress.  Socialists and Communists in the U.S. always wanted to openly celebrate their Autocratic Saint's Natal Day.  But let's face it, he and the movement that he has engendered, suffers from a bit of Public Relation Image problem.  Just a little:

The above martial display was held just this week in Havana, Cuba.  BTW, at (3:30), you will see a unit of the Youth Worker's Army.  That's what then Sen. Obama referred to as his Civilian Defense Force.  In otherwords, civilian thugs enforcers of the revolution.

But again, I digress.

Given the bad PR that Communism had in this country, and given their wishes to celebrate their dear saint's B-Day, why not drop the Blood Red, and adopt the Alfalfa Green?  Instead of calling it Lenin's B-Day, why not call it Earth Day?  Just hide the mass murder under the surface, and elevate Gaia as the one being honored.  Before you know it, the masses will be led on the soft path to Communism.  Those in the know will still secretly know who's really is been honored and who's final goal is being reached for.  The masses just like cattle won't know where they are led-to, until the chute makes a final left turn at the abattoir.

You don't believe me? Earth Day is a holiday begun by Democratic Sen. Gaylord Nelson in 1970 to keep anti-capitalist sentiment going after the Vietnam War ended.

So on behalf of this little 'Rican: Happy Birthday Dear Leader *er* I mean... Gaia.

Because as you know, all the liddle child'en looove T-34's.

See - That wasn't that bad.  Communists can be so adorable and cute too!



S'truth. The Reds hijack anything they can, grabbing power for themselves under the pretense of making things better for everyone. And when they fail to make things better, well, it's always someone else's fault. Or they weren't given enough power, even when the power they have is absolute. Or they weren't given enough money to make it work, even when they throw the country's entire GNP into making it work.

They always fail to make things work, yet they keep insisting that, given sufficient power and money, they can make it work.

Marxist. Socialist. Progressive.

Whatever the Lefties call themselves these days, the idealists among them are the certifiably insane of the political world -- because they keep insisting on trying the same failed experiments under the same conditions, yet confidently predicting that *this* time, the results will be different.

The realists among them already know it's not about making things better -- it's only about having the power to control everyone else.
Isn't it weird that autocratic leaders always make their soldiers goose-step?
Normally, I would say, "Go Team Taurus!" But I'm in charge of the committee to get this guy kicked out of the sign. He still has star power, too. Ahtena Vitamin encountered a young idealist whose fave revolutionary is none other than Our Vlad.

It should work, that's what I hear lefties say when you point out the many failures of socialism/communism. Shoulda, coulda, woulda; give it up already.

Obama may not be a card-carrying member of CPUSA but he sure follows the playbook well.
Um, I like T-34s, too.  And the ASU's, too.
But, But, the only reason socialism / communisim has never worked before is that the "right people" were not in charge!
I'm quite sure we have those now, in DC.
SO, unfortunately, are they...
 If it takes the "right" people in charge, then I can safely predict the "right" people will never be in charge.