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Direct From Côte d'Ivoire: A Whatzzis

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I never thought that a receiver would make such a nice lizard lounge.



I'm not even going to make ANY comments about the striking resemblance to dancers in some of the nudie bars near Army bases...
Since often government issue equipment is drawn in lots perhaps this is the infamous "Lot Lizard"?
And former-Zoomie Mark's intimate knowledge of the residents of nudie bars near Army posts stems from the fact that they were preferable to the hags slithering up, down, and around the poles at nudie bars near Air Force bases...

Myself [prim look], I don't know what the inside of a nudie bar looks like, except via movies...
Silly Armorer, that's because only enlisted types went  to such disreputable places.  Officers were doing sober, mature things like playing bridge.

But it does remind me of a story.  So way back in '95 or so, I'm living in the barracks at Ft. Gordon, and my brother (who worked at the environmental office there) was having an anniversary evening with his wife and they asked me if I'd babysit my 3 year old neice.  "Sure", sayz I, and I pick her up and take her back to the barracks.  One of my roommates has Lion King on VHS (being before the days of DVDs) and we pop that in and start to watch.  Time passes and other soldiers (both male and female) stop by the room, seeing as how we have the door open, and grab a seat and watch the movie.  By the end, we had about a dozen soldiers and one little girl.

The funny part comes when I tell this story to my dad (retired Armor officer).  Quoth he, "Back in my day, if a bunch of soldiers in the barracks were watching a movie, it sure wouldn't have been something a three year old could watch."
I rather suspect, on balance, that's *still* true.
Oh, and for Boq's intent... belt-fed most-likely COMBLOC-derived machinegun receiver - but I dunno which one.

At least not yet.
Well I remember having Shore Patrol duty on the Mediterranean ... a place called Golf Juan France. 

Anyway the hotel we lived in had a club in the back. It also came stocked with live in hookers.

Two very interesting weeks, full of many stories ....... no no no not that kind.
Armorer, how did you become the expert on what was slithering up and down the pole, at either club?

This oughta be good!  8 ^ )   
It's an insurance company.
Hey, Armorer - Calling me a "former-Zoomie" is fightin' words!  To the Zoomies, that is.  That term is correctly applied to graduates of the United States Air Force Academy, also know as USAFA Tech (not by the graduates of that institution, of course).  And they wear the moniker proudly, being ring-knockers one and all.  I, on the other hand, am a product of the public school education system, and got my bars at Lackland Annex.

But as I said, I won't make ANY comments about the employees at those Army town strip clubs...
Mark, that was sometime ago. I spent some time on the south side of the loop at what had recently become Lackland Annex (formerly Medina AFB)watching the OTS doings. My fatehr was stationed at Lackland at the time. A couple of the TIs ran me off when I was just watching, so I went to the Commandant;'s office and asked for a tour (I was 16 at the time) and got one. Never was able to determine why the TIs didn't want me around watching. My father retired during the following winter of '71.

I never understood why the AF put the OTS at Lackland in the first place. Maxwell, where it is now, made more sense. I don't know what's going on over at old Medina these days.

These days all AF types are Zoomies. We used to call AFA grads "Wing Wipers."
Having served in a ADA unit at the end of my career we called them "Targets" :)
Several of the guys I went to BOTC with ended up in ADA, and their preferred term was "lawn darts".
Obviously a lounge lizard.
I rather suspect, on balance, that's *still* true.

I'm not going to claim that movies of a... shall we say 'blue' variety did not get played in barracks during my time in service.  But I can say that the one time a mass showing DID happen in a barracks in which I resided, I think you'd be amused to know it was the ladies of the first floor hosting the movie night, and not us knuckledragging male barbarians from the upper two.  And most of the commentary (of which there was quite a bit) was mocking the pathetic acting, the ridiculous plot and mostly came from the distaff side.
 When I was taking a course in Atlanta we passed a movie house that ran "Adult" movies on one screen. My self and one other guy in teh course, being bored spitless one evening decided to go and see "The Seduction of Cindy." That movie was a hoot.

I can understand the women hooting a blue movie.

I can see people in a barracks watching a Disney movie with a kid in the house. I'm a strange bird, I know (but not as strange as our JTG), but I like watching movies like that with my grandkids. My wife, before we met, went out with friends in Norfolk and watched Disney's animated version of Robin Hood in the early 70s. It was a rather popular movie among the Navy troops at the time.
 Pulling a JTG here....

Still being relatively new at this locale in cyber space, Boq has posted what, in my short time here, is the first "Whatzzis" he has posted since I've started coming here. The impression I had gotten was that Sir John/The Armorer was the only one allowed to torment us with unknowns. Is Boq now allowed such dark activities or is he simply treading on Sir John's turf? Or is he simply trying to extract Anti-Army snark from the wing wiper set?
SWWBO and I watched Tangled last night on DVD.  We're suckers for good, non-Hentai animation.
Nothing is done in a post that I don't approve of, QM.

Which isn't to say that sometimes Boq doesn't push at my envelope.

But torturing readers is what we do here, when the mood seizes us.
Oh - and you haven't been tortured until Bill puts one up.
Tangled was pretty good. Any movie where the heroine spends half her time hitting people with a cast-iron skillet is quality entertainment.
QM - If I were still in *da bidnez*  I'd probably regale you with interesting fiddy bits direct from WillyWonkas' Boom-Boom Candy Factory.  As a supplier of raw and semi finished component parts that make up all-up assembled cartridges, primers, fuzes etc., I got to work with plenty of bibs and bobs that make things go boom.

But alas, I'm just stuck pushing on that pliable ENVELOPE.
Being at work as I read this, I ain't clickin' dat link. No sir!

Given Bill's demonstrated predilictions with Lex, I can believe that Bill can put some evil stuff. What He did to Lex drew quite a few guffaws around a table at church (one of which is a fellow VHPA member with Bill).

My wife and I went to see Tangled while it was in Theaters here in Waynesville. It's a pretty good movie. I like Disney animation. last week I bought it for the grandkids I have custody of and they've been trying to wear it out.
OK, as a former USAF SGT, I will defend the Service...

There were many fine strip joints outside Davis-Monthan, and while deployed above the Artic Circle, they brought in many (well...just one) stripper out to the underground facility....

As far as the whatizit...its an Iguana....

As far as the whatizit...its an Iguana....

Free lunch!!
 "Free Lunch!!"

Fry him up Boq!  Winner supplies his own condiments.
'little Tabasco sauce please :)
Tabasco is over-priced and not all that flavorful. I prefer Crystal, m'self.

On The Armorer's post at 8:53; Yup, Bill does that. Let's just be thankful  that he no longer has access to aerial rocket artillery. As I pointed out to him in an email, he could have been REALLY scary had he taken a different career path.
P.s.  Not that that Order was into waterboarding; it was the Franciscans in Spain who started that sh*t.
Caption, lizard speaking;  "Dang, this metal makes me horny! Take me!  Now!" 

Hey, reptiles can be perverts too!
But Crystal doesn't have a USMC General as a founder:
[pls forgive the use or wiki]

nor do they have a awesome cookbook:
{pls forgive the use of the word "awesome"]