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Brandon, Mississippi

Never been there, but I *love* that town.

No lawyers. No judges. No counter protests. Just a good old fashioned ass kicking.

That’s exactly what the Westboro lunatics have been asking for, so it’s only fair that the good folks in Rankin County gave it to them.


Bill, some people just don't get it. But it is not always, *what* they get, but  *WHERE ON THEM*, they got it. Do you think they might even have a clue as to the **WHY**! What can I say? "Chit" happens, all of the time.

To that Marine, "R.I.P.", THANK YOU.  Bill, Thank you.   
My Mom's side of the family is from Mississippi, and I know exactly what you are talking about. Mississippi has the best-looking wimmin, (of either color) and the most-dangerous men (of either color) of any State in the union.
P.s. The men in my Mom's family mostly joined the Marines, in WWII, and after.  My Dad's family, from Georgia, were all Air Force.  So, yeah, I think I do have both a bit of nerd and a bit of killer in my genes.  Seems good to me.

A killer nerd?  Or nerdy killer?  Does this mean you could write the perfect crime?

 I loved what the Phelps Whelps got in Brandon. BZ to them, and may there be many more like them.

Things could become hard for anyone with Kansas plates for awhile. Sit John probably should stay close to home for awhile.
Thanks, Bill. I shared this story with the gang to get everyone's morning started off right. Nothing like a little confusion to our enemies...
Couldn't happen to a 'nicer' group of people.  Justice.  At last.
I *have* been to Brandon, MS.  As a matter of fact... I was very close to there when this happened.  Brandon is a suburb of Jackson.  I flew into Jackson on the day of the funeral, and then drove south to a client's location for a few days of meetings.  One of the things this article doesn't mention is the fact that NONE of the local media outlets even let on that WBC was there at all.  NO coverage.  ZERO.  But the funeral itself was the headline story for 2 days.  Keep in mind that another Jackson suburb got hit with a pretty good-sized tornado on Saturday, but yet they kept the funeral at the #1 spot on Sunday and Monday. 

Monday they interviewed his mother, and asked what it was like seeing all of the people out lining the streets during the funeral procession.  She said it was "like a sea of love", and got all choked up.  Said the Marines who were there all commented on it too.

It was a great moment.  Sad... but wonderful all at the same time.
Cricket: Major McGuire, Unka Bill's fellow Joisyan, also Ga. Tech dropout and bandsman- clarinetist like me, was a fairly successful nerdy killer, what with that Medal of Honor, and all.  Virtuous nerds only kill honorably, not criminally.
Thanks to the folks in Brandon, MS. The WBC needs to be treated that way everywhere they go! 10 days late, but still smiley news.