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Another Whatzzit

Sorry, I don't see any cats in the picture; just to make it a bit more difficult.  Can someone ID these monsters on treads?



The next armor "upgrade" for the US Army.  The One sez it's good enough.  The M1A3 has been cancelled by executive order, and all the old M1A1s and M1A2s will be given to our friends in China, Russia, and Iran.
A T-55(Klein) and T-34(Klein), I think.  But I don't care.  I want 'em both!  Sans kids.  I'll provide my own crewing options.
Oh that's easy Rodentus Bratus Spoiltus.  Try not to think about where the cat went.  Actually he looks vaguely like Rooney but probably isn't.
Oh man! I would hate to trip over one of those in the dark!


Here's a link to the monster on treads I'm building for my son. 

Alas, due to my current deployed status, I'm taking a little hiatus from the assembly process.


Good fun for a 5 year old boy!

That was fun JW.  I've still got enough German stuck in my head I could follow the narration, too!
Brad- HIDE THOSE DANG THINGS, you'll wind up with a new contract for "NEW ARMY ARMOR"!

                      8 ^ ) 

Seriously, NEAT,  I wish you well!

What a DAD!  That is _so_ kool!

And what a Mom, to let you put that together in the house!

To heck with trikes and bikes and ATVs, I want one of those for ME!

Of course you'd have to upsize it a tad, but I can just see me chasing jacks around the Southern NM desert in one of those!

Darn, we never had those when I was a pioner!  It could have been such fun... Even during our military games Zarnitsa we used the life-size equipment, not the Klein ones... 
That sure is an itty-bitty tank! Do y'all reckon that guy could get his whole body down inside the turret if he thought somebody was about to start shooting at him?
P.s.. This reminds me of something I read at Blackfive, of coarse.

  It was about a Samoan tanker. I refuse to believe that there is any such thing as a Samoan tanker, because there is absolutely no way any Samoan is going to pass through any hatch on any tank ever built, no matter how much lubrication is applied.