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A new whatzis...

Okay - it's a component of the overall whatziss.  Anyone who gets it from just this is one heckuva geek.


It's a new election tool.  You whack this against the head of your pollie and it it makes a sound it means they are lying.

I suspect this is some kind of feeding mechanism.
Dang if it doesnt look like a part of a FAL, but it's been near 30yrs since I last used one.

Clip for Gyrojet rounds.
Used for grilling bratz and flipping them in a bun.
Argent - congrats on being the first to make the tuning fork connection.

Even if it isn't a tuning fork.
Close... You hold the entire assembly against the pollie's head and he/she WILL NOT lie... If they know what's good for them...
Durn, tuning fork was the first thing I thought of, but that one's taken. Grilling tongs
came to mind next, but taken again. Guess great minds run in the same gutter. };-}
It needs cat hair for scale.
Looks like the business end of a punch down tool for telephone / CAT5 wire.
It reminds me of part of the lockup system on an M2 even though I know it's not.  Maddeningly familiar but I can't place it.  Grrrrrrr... 
looks like a part of the buffer assy of a .30 cal browning or one of it's foreign clones
Its a safety.
On what, only the Major knows.
Looks like it might be part of a sight system.

Slide stapler assist for a Swingline 600.  Trusty sidekick of all office geeks.
Part of a trigger mechanism, probably for a handgun.  Depending  on the nomenclaturing conventions for the model in question,it might be referred to as a connector or as a trigger bar.  I  would further speculate that the left end (as depicted) connects to the trigger, or at least goes  towards it.  There is just enough angle on the photo to suggest that  there are hooks  on the ends of the arms to the right that woul mate with pin(s) on the next adjacent part (probably a hammer or sear).

Since we don't  have any cat hairs for scale, there is some ambiguity here.

On a larger scale, it could be the fingers that help guide the cartridge into the chamber in a tube fed weapon.
Stripper clip adaptor for filling a detachable magazine.  Probably pre-war (nice machining, blued not parked).

Hey, it's as good a guess as the Tuning Fork...
A mechanical camel spider.
 A special tool for toasting S'Mores.
A tool for pulling all of our virtual wings off, slowly and painfully?

Srsly, the serratiions on the left-hand end of the thing do imply the prospect of someone's thumb or other finger manipulating the thing.  Aside from that, I have no idea whatsoever. Now that the Armorer is famous world-wide for this kind of thing, I think that we amateurs must bow out.
Looks like the top view of the ole' Thompson. Its probably something off  a cluster bomb as far as you new guys go... hee  Seriously, happy Easter to all, may God Bless.

My first though was an old-fashion washboard with extra long legs to slide into the river mud (and, no, I am not really THAT old)...
Robin - yer such a gurl...  that said, damn heavy washboard, and perhaps more importantly, based on scale considerations... how big would the tree have been the wood came from?
Or, looking at the picture again, maybe a bonzai based on the woodgrain behind it..