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With your shield, or on it.

When the holes are in the front, well, that's when you know you've found a sheepdog, not a sheep.


Matt was one of my cadets at Virginia Tech. He was a good and honorable man. One night, walking in the passageway, I passed Matt and he was wearing this really goofy looking pair of plastic sunglasses. I asked him why he was wearing sunglasses inside, at night. His response: "The sun never sets on a badass, sir." I will never forget that for as long as I live. Nor any of my other fellow Hokies who were taken on that day. There is another story about Dr. Liviu Librescu, who was a Holocaust survivor teaching in Norris Hall that day. He threw his body across the door of his classroom so that his students could escape. We had more than our fair share of heros that day, thankfully. If only we were allowed to carry on campus, the murderer might not have gotten as far as he did.
We take on the attributes of our respective services in most respects, but valor is an individual trait, and Cadet La Porte epitomizes that most noble of attributes. Godspeed Cadet, you did your duty. Semper Fi.
Not just a sheepdog, but a warrior.

We need more like him, and he will be remembered as well as missed.

Keep fighting for legal self defense weapons on campus.  That got some traction in several states this year, but it may take several more years to become law in most states.  A few people can make a big difference, so get involved with your local gun rights group(s).
Warrior, indeed. Most very well done. Rest in Honored Peace, Cadet LaPorte.
They don't card at Fiddler's Green...
IMHO, would'na matter.  He was a card-carrying Man and a bad-a$$ed one, at that.

Fair winds and following seas, Cadet LaPorte.
*lifts beer aloft*
It seems he was a fellow bandsman. I will now go and spill libation in his honor. 
Sorry about the multi-posts.