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SECDEF's Gunners Zen Moment - UPDATED

Our C-in-C decides to redecorate our military's Ribbon Bar without bothering to ask permission from Congress and promptly skedaddles to Rio - The Land of Eternal Samba.  Meanwhile our Secretary of Defense makes himself scarce and leaves Adm. Mullen, holding the bag.

At least now we know the real reason why he made it to Russia.  At least he gets to play with big bang-sticks.


Why didn't he tell us that all he wanted to do was to play with the powder?  I'm sure that we could have found an old M2A1 105mm howitzer in service by some slope in Utah.



That *is* a sweet hunk of iron.  The russkies can build some nice artillery.

Hmmmm, before I wax enthusiastic about this particular big boom stick,  I'd like to know a bit more of this pieces particular history.  Why?  What's up with what appears to be 'kill rings' on the tube?

It would be typically Slavic to put one over on the clueless Americans by having our SECDEF pose for a photo op with a cannon that has killed his countrymen.

That being said, yes, the Russkies made/make some nice bangers.
The D-30 is a post-WWII design...not sure if the NVA employed any shooting at  Bill and Friends in the South-East Asian Misunderstanding.

I'm sure they fired plenty at our Muj proxies back in the 80s though.

Nice of the to remove the muzzle brake to reduce the blast for the firers...
Those of you who read my ramblings, take note.  This is the first and probably only time I will defend the actions of the One.  While I believe we should have done nothing about Libya other than be happy that a herd of muslims were whacking each other, (thus reducing the number we will eventually have to kill) mostly through their own typically arab stupidity in not having any sort of plan before starting a gunfight, the President has it within his prerogatives to do just what he did.  He does not need Congress' permission to do so.  He is expected to confer with them but in the end, he can say "fire" and off we go.  And it is well within the mandates of the UN, which is really another reason to back away rapidly if we had any sense.  The UN could screw up a wet dream.

His action to take, and he did.  I also think he did it just to try to prove he actually has a full set of balls.  I remain dubious though.

To:  USMC  Steve, Put your “Brass B***Z” on ice, a.k.a., “Chill Out”. I do believe everybody has done it, this was just your turn.

I cannot refute your last sentence because of a lack of evidence. I've been around the dang things for about 40+ years, still with no evidence.   
Steve - what Grumpy said.  There's a phenomenon called the "Great Hall Echo" - you just fell victim.  The server gnomes will clean up the mess presently!
I wave the PhotoShop flag on that one, for several obvious reasons -- not least of which is the absence of any news from the WH about Gates losing his right hand in an "unfortunate accident"...
Um, Boq, there may have been some cheeky epithelials dancing on Bill's lingua there...
Oh - and if I was ever *at home* at noon, the Castle Cannon would function as a noon gun.  Well, if someone bought the bulk black powder, anyway...

"Oh - and if I was ever *at home* at noon, the Castle Cannon would function as a noon gun."

Soooooo, should we just start calling you Major Boom?

With apologies to Walt Disney and Mary Poppins....

Um, yes.  That would be fine.
Now, I like the video in your update. The next time they want to do avalanche control, they should do some planning. Y'all don't tickle Mama Nature and get away with it. She has the nasty habit of getting even.   
THe Utah avalance control folks are rather persnickety about who and how they fire their 105mm Howitzers any more. 

A couple of years ago somoene neglected to pull a few powder charge increments from one of the rounds, so it went WAAAAYYYY farther than they wanted it to, and made a nice crater in some guy's back yard and shredded his stucco job. 

Gotta go find somwhere else to play.

I suspect that Gates was firing a blank which would not produce normal recoil so he gets away with being in a normally very dangerous place...
He shot a Blank all right - Just one with a *very* diesel-whetted rag on front. (Or so it seems)
Isn't my hometown beautiful??  
So, Major Armorer, sir. Why don't you fab us a carbide rig to use in that cannon, then you can have lots of smaller bangs for almost no bux?
Rivrdog - how 'bout summa you GIFs* fabbing up the gizmo...?  I swear, there's a lotta youse guys (not necessarily Rivrdog) who are all hat and no cattle!

*Good Idea Fairy
"in service by some slope in Utah"

OH!!!!   That kind of slope.  Errr mountain side!
"He shot a Blank all right..."

Considering who he works for now, he's lucky he got to *shoot* at all....course, he hadda leave the country to do it.
That is a nice piece. See how they got the wheels up off the ground, there?  The Russkies have always been arty with their Arty.
 For a similar program:

P.s. With the three-legged trail, they can point it in any direction.  With the spiffy paint job on the wheels, they can impress people with parades.
Baroness, that is indeed a right purty town.