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Ready For Zie Deutschen Zombie Apocalypse

Jörg is at it again.  This time ready for whenever zombies storm his Schloß.

Though I wouldn't recommend this implement to Massa John or UnkaBill.



Jorg must not worry too much about rebound, it looks like he's only five or six feet away from the target!

That's not a machete.

*This* is a machete.

Bill ... THAT is a corn knife or a bolo. I prefer those to machete's.

I do not know this man.

altohugh the trigger he uses is identical to that used by the very first European crossbows at Hastings.
Blast it, Bill, now I'm stuck trying to figure out how one says "machete" with a distinct Aussie accent!
Mein gott he's got Armorer disease.  Slish slash I was leaking a bath.. 

Murrikans never get the lingo right.  ma-shed-ee is as good as I can do.  The bloody happens after the cut.  You'll discover even more vocabulary then too.
Like all good weapons-related video or pictures... I see it has cat hair for scale.
This guy really needs to save up his money for a vacation to Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot.

That was an interesting little slice he had there on his right forearm.    
Th' chil'e 'aint right...but I like it!