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Picture Of The Day - Beehive Edition

I wouldn't swat at the beehive, if I were them...



I'm skep-tical that the young lady's 'do is for everyday wear...
Maybe suggling a RPG?
Typing on a Sunday is not my strong suit.
Only on Sunday, eh?
 No, it's obvious to me that she is disguising the fact that she is from France and drinks mass quantities.
I wondered where the coneheads had gone.

IEH - Improvised Explosive Hairdo.
Where did that photo come from, Boq?  Something about it says "photoshop" to me.
If that's photshopped, WW, it was done by a master.  The light all matches to these auld eyes.
WW, are getting a little cynical, as we get older? Good, I'm not the only one.   
That's why I want to see the original, John.  In this small version, the hair looks unnatural -- stretched and smeared in a way that the Photoshop "liquefy" effect might produce.  Look at the sharply defined line between the hair on her forehead and the 'beehive.'  I want to see the original so I can see if there's detail in that hair.  If there is, then it [probably] wasn't stretched.  

I too would like to see the Hi-Rez version of that picture.  If for anything out of curiosity.  As I didn't take the snap, I can't vouch for the 100% veracity of its contents.  However to my untrained eye it looks pretty good to me.

Who knows, wierder street scenes have been seen.  Could this be in Israel, or Latin America per chance?
John of Argghhh writes, "If that's photoshopped, WW, it was done by a master." A master what? I do not believe there was any use of Photoshop, just a poor job of "cut and paste". It was not a victim of "liquefy". It could be a victim of a Photoshop Clone. Why am I cynical? The face or everything from the mouth line to the eyebrow is consistent. Now we look at the forehead, or the area between the eyebrow to the scalp line, with or without hair, consistent. Consistent is the desired goal. Let's take a good look the girl's scalp. Head hair is always consistent to itself in color, thickness and texture. As I look at the picture, on all three things, the hair is not consistent. Now comes the fun questions. Is image manipulation the only way to accomplish this goal? John just might ask, "Grumpy, why don't you think outside the box?" An alternative view just might be different question. Everything you see is true, how was it done? My answer would be something like this, "Even though it would be considered inappropriate, was the girl wearing a wig, hairpiece or its equivalent?" The problem with that approach is this, "In a world of insanity is sanity appropriate?"  
For Boquisucio:

Can't you recognize New York City when you see it?  Rocker was right!

But mom, all the cool kids are doing it at school.
I dunno........ looks like a gust of wind to me.  Just sayin'.

If she only had earrings that doubled as fishing lures, she'd be a prime candidate for the next Jeff Foxworthy video.
I have a friend that used to do that frequently.  Just put a tumbler on her head and tied her hair up over it.  Of course, she just did it for laughs.
That 'do is less tumbler and more '70s Galliano bottle...
... Which brings us back to the question: What type of contraband is she slipping past the check-point?
Well, if BillT is right, then obviously it must be Galliano bottles...