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Picture of the Day - Fill 'er UP!

Meanwhile in Libya, I wonder whether we should check the engine fluids while at it.



That looks VERY SIMILAR to my go-to-war vehicle During Desert Shield/Storm - except my Toyota was not nearly so fancy, or the .50 cal mount as stable.  We had a pipe welded to the floor of the truck that had two holes drilled through which we placed a pin to hold the .50 mount in place.  We learned quickly that we could fire over the cab or out the rear at a fan of about 45 degrees.  Go beyond that, the truck got a little antsy/light-a$$ed on the directional side of fire. 
Hey!  I've got something like that - only it mounts a 75mm RCL...
Looks like a normal Detroit night patrol.
John, I bet yours gets better milage...

Hilux trucks, when the shooting just needs to get done. These trucks get used so much for this sort of stuff, you would think the makers would offer purpose built tiedown points.