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New DoD TDY rules. It's a budget thing.

Presented as a public service of Castle Argghhh!:

TDY Travel
In keeping with the latest round of military budget cuts, changes will be made to the Joint Military Travel Regulations (JMTR). Effective Monday the following revised procedures apply:
Lodging All military personnel performing temporary duty (TDY) are encouraged to stay with relatives and friends while on government business travel. If weather permits, public areas such as parks should be used as temporary lodging sites. Bus terminals, train stations, and office lobbies may provide shelter in periods of inclement weather.
Transportation Hitchhiking is the preferred mode of travel in lieu of commercial transport. Luminescent safety vests will be issued to all military personnel prior to their departure on TDY. Bus transportation will be used only when work schedules require such travel. Airline tickets will be authorized in extreme circumstances and the lowest fares will be used. For example, if a meeting is scheduled in Washington D.C., but a lower fare can be obtained by traveling to Omaha, NE, then travel to Omaha will be substituted for travel to Washington D.C.

Meals Expenditures for meals will be limited to an absolute minimum. It should be noted that certain grocery and specialty chains, such as Costco, Hickory Farms, General Nutrition centres, and occasionally Safeway often provide free samples of promotional items. Entire meals can be obtained in this manner. We realize many of you survive your weekends this way.

Travelers should also be familiar with indigenous roots, berries, and other protein sources available at their destinations. If restaurants must be utilized, travelers should use "all you can eat" salad bars. This is especially effective for employees traveling together as one plate can be used to feed the entire group.

Military Personnel are also encouraged to bring their own food on business travel. Cans of tuna fish, Spam, and Beefaroni can be consumed at your leisure without the necessary bother of heating or costly preparation. Cost of these items will not be reimbursed.

Miscellaneous All military personnel are encouraged to devise innovative techniques in effort to save tax dollars. One enterprising individual has already suggested that money could be raised during airport layover periods, which could be used to defray travel expenses. In support of this idea, red caps will be issued to all personnel prior to their departure so that they may earn tips by helping others with their luggage. Small plastic roses and ballpoint pens will also be available to personnel so that sales may be made as time permits. Proceeds must be turned into the military finance section at the conclusion of the TDY.

We welcome any suggestions for further fiscal innovations. Remember, “We invite you to be a Waste Buster”

You laugh - but I read a bit about small business owners who save on their travel budget by sleeping in their cars and eating at COSTCO...

H/t, JimC


Gotta pay for the Commander in Chief''s trip to Rio somehow, I guess.
 My husband and I started packing food on flights... Next time we'll need to bring empty bottles so we can fill up with water after we prove that the baby's food isn't explosive. 
 I am blessed that there is a "Family Dollar" store across the street from the bus station, so that I can fill up my Butt Pack or knasack prior to departure when I'm traveling.

  I've learned many a savvy travel tip through financial necessity and my refusal to fly anywhere unless it's a bona fide emergency.

  Heck, if you go to McDonald's you can get a side salad and a 4-piece order of chicken nuggets for $2. Add a coffee for another $1 and for $3 you've got a decent lunch. Cut up the nuggets to go ontop the salad, and take advantage of the free refills on coffee.   :)
I love Family Dollar and Dollar General. Family Dollar is a block away from the house, and Dollar General is a 5 minute drive. I used to do exactly what you do before getting on the bus. These days, you'd be well advised to stock up before going Greyhound as they have few Restaraunts at Bus Terminals these days. What few they have a pretty sorry.