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More things that make ya go, hmmm...

"Time-limited, scope-limited military action."

Isn't that the definition of a drive-by shooting?

"But your honor, I was just conducting a "time-limited, scope-limited military action" in defense of my peeps!"

Hmmmmm.  Mebbe I should be a defense lawyer.



You can't be a defense lawyer -- you don't have gills and barbels...
Kinetically speaking maybe.....

Want even more buzz words?

For a mere $19.95 I'll send you a book of nothing but the absolute latest in buzz words! As published by none other than CNN's White House political Correspondent (who works part time as The President)!

This book is just chock full of illustrious words used throughout his career to describe everything from the stimulus, military action, scope limiting bills from Congress, to political punditry!

But wait there's more!
If you order in the next 5 minutes and 23 seconds, we will also send you a CD recording of Joe Biden Sings the Blue’s! A magnanimous confliction of Joe Bidens astro turf ridden voice with The One’s Nobel Award winning back up vocals! You do NOT want to miss out on this!
This $3.27 Trillion dollar value can be yours for just $19.95!!
This order is strictly time limited so you must act now!

"Mebbe I should be a defense lawyer."

Did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?
Oh, wait....that's if you're the peee-resident or a Congresscritter.

"Fubaric military action"
Oooo.  Nice one, Heartless!
Over at XBradTC's place "Operation Aimless Fury" won.
Biden is going too far.  The man has the verbal equivalent of tripping over his shoelaces.  At least Obama waffles in complete sentences.

I bet defence lawyers end up judges more often.

John as defence lawyer is an ugly idea.  Bill can be a girl scout selling cookies too.  My world is, however, in this dimension.
Now do explain why myself as counsel for the defense would be so ugly?
 Yes, do tell!

I can see Bill being a master consumer of Girl Scout Cookies. As a seller of same, nah. He'd eat the stock before any customers came by. And, I can't criticize as I'd be right there giving aid and comfort in the effort so he would not suffer any strain from such a strenuous acitivity.
Why in the World would you want to jump down to that level? From where you're at now, jumping down  to being a "Shyster Lawyer", we're talking about a "HALO Jump." I always thought the comparative probability of you as a "lawyer" would equal that of Bill being a Girl Scout selling cookies- *NOT*!  
And for some reason, I feel compelled to note - I would be *just* as snarky if a Republican White House were engaged in this level of verbal asininity!

and to make matters worse, it was Guiness...ackkkk


again, thanks for the great site

Bill can be a girl scout selling cookies too.

Actually, despite the very disturbing visual that raised, I think I'd be pretty effective at selling them.

"Buy a case of Thin Mints or I keel you."
Disturbing visual?  I'll say.  I mean, an electric blue thong......with Girl Scout green?  Not to mention the distinct lack of any zippers whatsoever.
I. Don't. Think. So.