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Looky, Little Johnny Noonan grows up, sells out.

8^ )

Rather than sit in the command bunker of a missile silo awaiting his chance to torch a city for peace, John Noonan of Op-For has instead opted to go from the purity of killing cities for freedom to work as a nug for the House Armed Services Committee.


Not that having some vets, and younger ones at that, isn't a bad uptick in the diversity bracket...

I bet he ends up wishing for the Big Red Button again.  A lot less stressful.


 I am so very happy for him, and for us.

  However, as you say, he's going to find out quickly that being aligned with the various Congress Critters is going to quickly make him ling for the days when he had a manual that spelled out everything plainly, when he knew which side everyone was actually on, and wheh he could count on his friends actualy, you know, having his back.

 I mean, WE all do, but elected folks seem to often have quickly shifting loyalties, and hazy memories to boot.

  God Speed, John.