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If robots dream of mechanical sheep...

...does a bad cat robot with a steampunk fixation dream of being gifted with clockwork mimmoths on her natal anniversary?

Yes, Denizennes and Denizens and Lurkers of All Stripes, today is the day that the Castle Madgirl, Evil Scientist, and Keeper of the Keys to the Oubliette, aetheric link to ANGELCO and Carborundim's i-cigar box, and Mistress of the Moat Monsters counts off yet one more twelvemonth of snarking Gorebull Wormers, local moonbat politicians, numbwits, lackwits, halfwits, and other Dwellers-In-Seattle -- in addition to her weekly Sunday Funnies updates and occasional movie review.

Happy Birthday, BCR!


After that Castle movie deal goes through, and the 360 weeks on the NYT Bestseller list book pays off, we would gift the Mad Scientist transport worthy of her dreams...  That should tide her over until the Navy starts surplusing out those Boomers, and she can get a crew from Chippendales Crew Services, Inc.

But in the meantime, here's a game to satisfy her overwhelming need occasional urge to blow stuff up.

Jeez Bill, you sure tawk funny.

That said .... Happy Birthday to scifi female warrior of the Castle.
Happy Birthday, BCR.  Just keep Pappa Gulf 13 MOD B at bay, willdya?
 Pshaw! She needs something more like:

Awww!  You guys are the best imaginary Internet friends ever!  (And if it keeps raining, the submarine will be the only reliable method of transportation around here ...)

I have celebrated so far by a nice horse ride, and now I am off to see Sucker Punch because I hear there are lots of cool explosions.

Yanno..........given her sincere *like* of the comic strip Argghh!-O-Nauts, one would think that the cartoonist might have at least drawn a special birthday edition for this natal day.  But nnnnnoooooooooooo..........I'm sure there's some half-a$$ed,,...half-baked,....errrr......semi-believable excuse forthcoming. 
Happy Birthday, BCR.  Go get some stompy, light-up shoes and use them to convert the remaining few UFO-disbelieving Seattlittes.

Happy Brithday, BCR. 

I went to see Battle:LA.  After getting past the fact that it's a Jarhead self-pleasuring fantasy, and politely holding my tongue when they fired "Copperhead from Edwards" (and they were rocket-boosted no less) I admit there were many cool explosions, dead aliens, and smack-talk of a military variety, so the WWII 82nd Abn vet I was sitting with and I still managed to have a good time, while occasionally muttering about troops who clump up...
Is somebody trying to get on her good side? With this crowd, that's not flattery, but complements!

Bad Cat Robot, you just keep stacking them up!

From one Grumpy OLD phart!   
Why, for a young lady who likes SteamPunk shouldn't we be gifting her a steam engine?

Or at least her own whistle - 8th item down on this page
Many returns of the day, Ma'am! And that's the remaining human part of my brain saying that, not just the part you installed!
 A belated happy birthday. Sorry I wasn't around.

I occasionally have a problem with liking 'Splodey stuff, so I tried the Cannon Challenge. I will not reveal the score as the Red Leg running this place would not tolerate such sorry results even if I'm ex-Navy.
Happy Belated Birthday!

A little something that may be up your alley?

Happy belated Birthday, BCR!!
Happy (belated) Birthday, BCR!  We shall go terrorize some paper dinos or other fun images very soon :-)