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I love it when you talk dirty to me...

Obama and the Jargonauts - via the Washington Examiner: White House: Libya fight is not war, it's 'kinetic military action' 

We (the military) invented this atrocious verbal evasion so we wouldn't have to say "kill people and break things." It sounded stupid then (but the jargonauts *loved* it) and it sounds stupid now. Even more so when it's coming from politicians trying to sound all militant and stuff.


We had endless discussions about  this back in the CJ5 at BAF...the terms "kinetic" and "non-kinetic" are not found anywhere in Army, Joint, or NATO doctrine.

An operation/action is either Lethal, or Non-Lethal.  Those are the options.
Doctrine Man needs to weigh in, clearly.
Don't mention the War!
These terms are from the fertile brain of the General that Ralph Peters once referred to as 'Malik Daoud'.  One of our recent CAC commanders for those not up on Arabic.
And may his days be many and his fields fertile, and his son remain safe from harm.

That said - it's still dumb.

I concur with you comment on mine.  May his son avoid harms way and may MD solve the issue in the 'stan.
Ralph Peters picked that "Malik Daoud" sobriquet up from the Kurds.
And he said so when he said it in print.
Y'all must be old pharts, there isn't a single *dirty* word, phrase or thought here at all.
And he said so when he said it in print.

Yup. That's where I saw him say it.

Y'all must be old pharts...

Your point?

 KMA? You're kidding, right? OMG, you're not. ROTFLMAO.
Oh, good Lord! May we say things like "sucking chest wound", and "traumatic amputation", and "traumatic evisceration", and "de-cerebrate posturing" (I saw a rat do the last after I smacked him on the head when my cat refused to kill him so he could keep torturing him)?

Killin is Serious Business.