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Just, heh.


I must be a little slow today, let me see if I get your point.  We're going to have a competition between Obama and Bush. We're going to put both of these individuals, side by side with a visual barrier between them, no cheating or talking. There is a three part dilemma, both individuals are barefoot and each have a pair of sandals full of pith on their side of the barrier. The three part dilemma is this, they must do all three parts. 1. Recognition of the situation. 2. Technical, how do I empty them? 3. Initiative, Do it on your own.

Observation, my view would see this as a draw, "Total Failure from Both."
Two years into his administration, and 10% of the US population is still firmly convinced that Obie's personally going to pay their rent and put gas in their cars -- any day, now.

You know, just as soon as he rests up from the rigors of the campaign an' stuff...

As an aside, a bunch of years ago, I was doing a recruiting stint in a local mall in January. Before the doors officially opened, I overheard several several ladies chatting in the food court about doing post-sale inventory in the stockroom of the Name Brand outlet near where we'd parked the Loach (yup, *inside* the building -- funny story for ya one of these days). They were marveling that they all had the same problem -- being "cold-blooded." After a bit of subterfugious snooping, I got the whole story. The stockroom was *cold*, and when the employees complained about that (remember, I said this was January), the store manager told them that the stockroom *was* heated, but they only felt cold because they were "cold-blooded." Having my own suspicion, I offered to check the thermostat setting for them, and got an introduction to the stockroom while the store manager was making her morning phone calls.

There was ice on all four walls, no thermostat, and not a sign of a heater vent..

Yet they *still* firmly believed the stockroom was heated and *they* had the problem, merely because someone in authority had told them so.

They'll also believe anything they hear from one of their perceived brethren. F'rinstance, that a water bottle is in fact a microphone, and that they should talk into it while being interviewed...
*Everybody* knows you can't use a water bottle as a microphone.

You have to take the cap off, first...
I know! And, yet... they all spoke into the *capped* water bottle. So foolish...
They obviously thought that their comments were "off the record" since they weren't talking into an open mike.
Records are sooooo retro.

These days, we use 8-trak...
 "....they weren't talking into an open mike."

That competes with Argent's epic-funny comment for Wreck-My-Keyboard hilarious. And just when my sides had stopped hurting from that last bout of laughing, too....