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Gimme a break...

Woman Tied to 9/11, Fannie Mae on Obama's FBI Shortlist! (breathless wording courtesy Fox)

But yep, Jamie Gorelick is back.

Really? Is there *no* penalty for failure among the Democrats? Not that the bar is all that high with Republicans, but surely you can find someone suitable for the task who isn't a serial bad decision maker...  I didn't realize their bench was so shallow.

Here's a thought - put in a professional?  Just as a change of pace?

H/t, Kevin.


You can't get political milage out of people who actually do their job.
Argent, I expect you were being flippant, but you do have a point. President Barry is a creature of the Chicago system, and seems far more interested in patronage & political loyalty than actually running things.

Remember the line about "reward your friends and punish your enemies?"

Is there *no* penalty for failure among the Democrats?

Considering the only failure they actually consider *failure* is failure to get re-elected -- no.

Remember, they believe failure is a feature, not a bug...
Are you suggesting "common sense"? My Dad always told us, "Common sense is not all that common, especially in politics."  He had an equal disgust for both sides. He said, "You can take all of the politicians in World and they couldn't pour pith out of a sandal."  
Yes Casey I was unfortuantely doing both flipancy and a point.