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Caption Contest - A Stab At History Edition

Given UnkaBill's recent tussle with his weather-vane,  DO NOT let him see the following vintage picture.  The same admonition goes to Massa John.

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Dude needs a dentist.
Guy looks a LOT like Tony Robinson from Blackadder.  Wouldn't actually be surprised if it was him.

Herr Von Blackadder, I have a cunning plan...
Now I'll show you how to make a neat necklace from these simple cans.  First you fold the pull tabs to make a chain.  Next you cut out a pendant from the can itself....
The proper use of a bayonet. Other than tent peg, or boot cleaner.

A photo, recovered from the files of the once dreaded STASI, reveals a member of the East Prussian branch of the Donovan clan about to carry on in the time honored family tradition of bayonet mumbletypeg.

Unfortunately the other pictures in the series which are rumored to have included a field ambulance and for some reason, a very tastefully carved Louis X!V curio cabinet have been suppressed by the German government.
Oh, come on now!  With teeth like that, he HAS TO be British...
John, I don't think a dentist is his highest priority. First I think he needs a brain, functional would be preferable. It appears that this man is actually  about two to a vasectomy, on himself. 

OUCH! That's gonna hurt.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.....dey zed dat dey veerre no lonngger maykink Spam Schnitzel in de kan, but I haf found a zeekrit zupply from zom'vere in Amerrika call't Kassle Argghhh!!!  Und it comz vit verry detail't openink instrrruhksh'ns!

Meine nahme ist Cletis. 
Tisn't a bayonet, me hearties. A Feldmesser M42, I'm thinking.
But yeah, JTA could gouge hisself with it...

"Wow, opening cans with bayonet is easier than with teeth!"


The official poster boy for racial purity and socialized medicine.