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Answering the whatziss...

This isn't one I can really drag out, so we'll cut to the chase today!

I told you to be suspicious, and you were. No, it wasn't the rock, the head coverings, the arching vault of a blue sky, nor the small arms. Nor did it need cat hair for scale - I provided actual humans! 

It was all about the ZIS-3 76.2mm gun.  Well, sorta.  Rich got the obvious -but incorrect - answer.


It was David who skated perilously close to the true answer (as determined by the puller-of-flies-wings, me).  That, how'd he put it? [clickety-right-clickety-save-as] Oh, yeah - "What's up with the string running forward from the gun? Doesn't seem to be a photographic artifact..."

I was so hoping someone would seize on that and take it beyond Bill's knowledge-snark... but, alas, t'was not to be.  When I first saw this picture - the first thing I noticed other than "Oooo, russian gun, me-likey!" was, "What the helk izzat running away from the gun to the left off the edge?  Barbed wire?"

Sure enough.  Barbed wire.  So, the *proper* answer to the whatziss (as determined by the guy paying the hosting fees), for which David gets partial credit is....

Fence post.  A unique one. 

I asked SWWBO if I could have one when we build the new goat enclosure this spring.  Mind you, this is the woman who said I could put a 16inch gun on Gunner's Ridge across the road, but noooooooooo, I can't have a russian gun to use as a very apropos Castle Argghhh! fence post.



There is a very good reason that gun would make a bad fence post for goats - they would play on it and escape.
Women!  They're so practical.  LOL
Yeah, Frank.  I hadn't even considered that aspect of the project...
It would make a good stretcher, though.  Hook the fencing to the gun, the gun to the Castle Technical, put 'er in four-low and then let the clutch out gently...
Not to mention goats have no trigger discipline *at all*.  Bad idea.
I hadn't even considered that aspect of the project... 
Yeah, as if securing the goats was your priority anyhoo...
Easy answer for that....Electrify the gun.

(I know, the goats would just jump onto the gun and avoid completing the circuit.  Silly creatures.)
Goats find electric fences.......tasty.
That is not a bright goat.
 And Goats have to be bright? Frankly, I've met Goats who were bright for Goats, but a Dachsund has more on the ball than a Goat.
Of course, electric fences DO NOT work with pigs, if there is more than one involved.  If the first one is dumb enough to get close to the fence, the other pig(s) will push the first one through it and escape.  Much squealing and such on the part of the one in contact with the fence, but the rest of them don't seem to care, and enjoy their subsequent freedom...
Hey, Qm, I _like_ goats! They just cheer me up immensely with their funny looks and funny behavior, not to mention their sideways eyeball pupils. Why, there is a small billy goat who lives (illegally) not over a quarter-mile from here, who is always happy to see me, butt against my hand, and eat the index card I feed him.  He swims with the human kids in the swimming pool, there. Keeps the lawn nice and short, too.
 JTG, I'm not accusing Goats of being unamusing or unfriendly. They just ain't smart. Neither is a Dachsund, but they are as Einstein is to a rock in comparison to a Goat.

Goats have their uses however, and this is in no way meant to disparage such.
Apologies for my directness in the prior Whatsis post. Didn't
think it would bother. I shall abstain in the future, however.

Nice twist on the Whatsis, though, you devious old dawg.
PE - it's partly a "civil discourse" thing (we do have some children who visit) but it's also a net-filter thing.  It doesn't take much for someone's corporate filter to ban you.

Heck, I had to fight with KCI's old filtering software, because they classifed *all* gun-related sites under pr0nography...
That is not a bright goat.

Put a 60-watt bulb in each ear, and when he licks the fence again, he will be...

I see yer point, Qm. I can think of at least one unamusing, unfriendly, right smart critter, which would be a wolverine. I wonder how many of them are left? Humans tend not to tolerate other top predators.