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All Ur B-Ball Hoops Я Belong To US

WARNING: Those with high blood pressure conditions should not watch the clip below.  As it may cause kinetic medical events.

Welcome to the Police State of Delaware



Ehhh,,   They were playing this on the radio yesterday..   This is how the world ends.....
This hope and changie idea is really working for the US.  I am so gald 51% of the american people voted this hope and change in so we can ALL be miserable at the same time.
Will this change the various brakets that the o in the oral office picked a few days ago?
I am not up on sports, it was for basket ball he was picking wasn't he?
No matter, when islam takes over basket ball will be verboten anyway so they are just getting a head start on taking down the hoops.  The hoops gets in the way of soccer nets.  islam can not have that happen.
**WTF!!** As long as an issue is "pending" with a legislator, in many states, the issue is put on "HOLD".  Therefore, in this case, the State does not have the right to remove the basketball hoop, until the issue is "RESOLVED", the owners may not like the solution. The "issue" was raised, usually in writing, hard copy. In most states, the homeowner would then have the right to expect the COURTESY OF A HARD COPY OF THE SOLUTION, BEFORE THE REMOVAL OF THE HOOP.

Now, I am no lawyer or politician, I've got scruples. The problem with this situation is there are so many unanswered questions. BUT, there is one thing, that I must say, "The streets are no place for kids to play. Make a place in your yard for your kids to play.
Pending means pending. If it's pending, it ain't law.

Whoever removed the basketball hoops broke the law -- it's called theft, in case you want to file a report with the cops...
Looked kind of like a cul-de-sac to me; great place for kids to play and neighbors to be neighborly and get to know one another, too.  Grumpy - you need to get over whatever it is you have that makes you want to control others in your neighborhood....move into a condo association with the other wanna-be comrades.

This sux.
This video should definitely go to the state representative and to the supervisor of that DOT woman.  She did lie.
The rest of the neighborhood should make the life of the woman who wrote a complaint about the hoops very miserable and they really can do that, she does not realize that...
overall, I had a deja vue event, really
Ask me again why I live in the middle of nowhere.

Go ahead...ask me.
SteveC, my central concern has nothing to do with my control, my focus is on the safety of the kids. When I was Honorably Discharged from the US Military in the late 1960s, my focus was on the purchase of a detached single–family residence, I chose not to go the condominium route.

BillT,  yes, this is the law, no state agency does anything without a solid ground in a law, statute, regulation or ordinance In some form. By the way, why would you call the police? There is already a Delaware  State Police Officer, already on the scene. Quite to the contrary, the term, “pending” is a most appropriate legal term for this  situation. For some reason, they thought everything was legal, therefore this eliminates "theft".

As I looked at the whole video, it appears that the  people who were losing their basketball net, were somehow victims. I am now questioning this whole scenario. I don't think either side are really “innocent”. 1. She, sort of, suggests the idea that this was a surprise. 2. There just “happens to be someone with a video camera at the time, on the scene”. 3. If this was a total surprise, why was she in consultation with her state representative on this issue?

My final conclusion is this ALL parties involved have questions that need to be answered in full and under oath. This would include the homeowners shown in the video, the other homeowners in the same situation, that particular names Delaware State Officer who was on the scene, in particular Delaware DOT Representative with her supervisors, my name, date representatives and their staff, who were working on the scene, last but not least, the writer of the complaint. The next move is to bring all of these people together for arbitration of this issue, according to all laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations.

Baroness, you make a VERY powerful case for the power of “shunning”, well done. This is in relation to the writer of the complaint.

BloodSpite, OK, I'll ask you, “Why do live in the middle of nowhere?” One more question, what happens when all of nowhere just sold and made into residential developments?

THANKS, to ALL of you, Grumpy
They'd have to work pretty durn hard to populate my mountain. Unless folks like their houses going sideways it'll be a tough go.

Considering The One and Co's plan is to get people to move into the city, I doubt we'll as much urban sprawl as long he and he's cronies are around.

We country folk are considered Eebil (tm) because we use too much gas, live too far away, supposedly make too much green house gas, we didn't vote him and we have guns. Which of course as we all know are all Bad Things (also tm) :)
I'm with you, Grumpy, both sides have a hand in this.

And yes, I do live in as close to the middle of nowhere as I could manage, so that I wouldn't have as many busybody neighbors to deal with.

And this part of the country is losing population, so I'm not too worried, short-term at least, about being crowded out.

Paragraph starting with, "My final conclusion....", go to the 4th line, it should have read like this-

"situation, that particular Delaware State Police Officer, by badge number, who was on"

Same paragraph 6th & 7th line starting with the word "supervisors" it should read like this- 

"supervisors, by name, her state representative with staff, who"
"were working on this case, last but not least, the writer of the"

That's it, Sorry,