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A simple whatziss

Which, of course, should make you very suspicious.



 A rock?
A big rock.
 Atop a big stretch of.... dirt?
With some sort of blue-ish atmospheric mass in the background..?
It's a GI Joe Mountain Howitzer:
 M-4 is being held by the soldier in the background

(Those who know...)
A yard sale, featuring obsolete Rooshian arty...?
 Oh, this one, I know.  But I'm not saying.
While I appreciate SWWBO's confidentiality, I must whine about the fact that she won't let me have one!
 Mongolian instructor ?
It needs cat hair for scale.
Actually, this is about the cover.  Not sure whether he's asking about the beret on dude-to-the-left, tin pots on centrist dudes, or floppies on the rightists.
Yup. Gotta be the hats.  Someone is in trouble for being out of uniform.
Being an old artillery guy, I am going with ZiS-3 76mm divisional gun mounted on ZiS-2 57mm AT gun chassis.  They obviously took off the gun shield so they could hide it behind the rock.  Knowing you though, it's probably about the tires.
What's up with the string running forward from the gun? Doesn't seem to be a photographic artifact...
whatever it is, looks like they left the feed tray cover in the up position.
It's for measuring the distance from the gun to the target.

The forward observer has to be *very* accurate, yanno...
"...and it was previously owned by a little old lady from Albuquerque who only fired it on Sundays, and *never* at max ord..."
 As for the "Mountain Howitzer" linked above,  I think the tripod mounted bino's are a bit overkill.
I'm thinking it must be a trick.  There isn't any strands of cat hair that I can see to provide any sort of scale.
Could it and the rock have been placed to guard a small meteor crater that proves the existence of unintelligent life in outer and inner space?
I always keep clear of "Kerb-Stone" Sales.
Gary - the "binos" are a laser-rangefinder... 
Gun, moblie, 1ea. Eclectic clusterf*ck personnel, 5ea.

[*Koff* We, um, eschew such directness of expression, PE. Hence the edit. -The Armorer]
I'm going to essay a wild-assed guess that it's a Canadian C3 105mm howitzer, minus its gunshield.  As everyone knows, the C3 is an old M101 reworked with a new 33-caliber barrel, a new chamber, a new breech, and a beefed-up recoil system, which permit it to fire the full range of modern NATO-standard 105mm projectiles.  The C3's were produced by RDM in Rotterdam.
It does look an awful lot like a GebH40, but the wheels are wrong. The wheels would make more sense on an American how, but the 5 lugs and the tire tread throw that out the window too.

Good one, boss!
What he's not telling us? Is that lil string that David pointed out?
THATS David's missing cat hair ;)