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A report from the front lines in Libya.

Boquisucio already gave us one report on rebel logistics. Here's another, more detailed report on Libyan rebel innovations and style. 


Yeah, but that Reuters "manpad launch" is clearly faked.  I mean, c'mon!  You can CLEARLY see the wires holding up that alleged missile!
Mark, yer a one-trick pony this week!
Hey, I never said ANYTHING about anyone's hats in this post!
Well, on the MAPAD launch, the lack of rocket plume is due to the
fact those things wait a wee bet longer to ignite; saves crisping the
operator. The lack of back-blast is an eye-brow raiser. Very suspicious.
Considering Reuters as the source, "fake, but accurate" might well
be in play. Dare we say "photshop" much?
Oh - And let us not forget about the picture of the Strung-out Rebel Commander.
Not that Reuters et al would EVER fake a photo to sell their side of a story: