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Who knew there were *any* left?

There are less than 100 of them.  Children of Civil War soldiers.   Heck, I'm a great-grandson of one, and my grandfather passed on in 1972...  Some of those Civil War vets were, um, *vigorous* men!

H/t, Toluca Nole.


Didn't the last Confederate Widow pass away a few years back.  Sure, the veteran must have been a "cradle robber" but still...  Link: HERE
That is think that these children are still around and can recall their fathers, even at their age.  It isn't surprising to think that male virility would still be in effect at that age.  Men can sire children with younger wives, of course...but I digress.  What a cool story!
This article is a year old..I wonder if any survived to this year?
I am a great-grandson of four of them, all of whom served honorably against the United States of America.

My Dad used to tell a story about being sent by his Mom to look for his Grandpa.  They lived in West End in Atlanta at the  time, which time being sometime in the twenties.  Dad's  Mom was worried  about  the old guy wandering off,  both  in  mind and  body.  There was no need  to fear.  Dad  knew  where the Veterans hung  out,  and looked for a bunch of old bearded guys with hooks, and peg legs, and eye patches.  (My Great-Grandpa had one of the latter, earned at Chancellorsville.)

This is why when I see one of those  "These colors never ran and never will" bumper stickers I always laugh, because they most certainly did run on several occasions, chased by members of my family.
Yeah, is this where I bring up whose colors fly where, and which color is on whose shoulders?

Bearing in mind that I, too, am eligible for SAR and SCV.
Oh, c'mon, Sir, you must admit that we gave a good account of ourselves. All of us, on both sides.
P.s. I think that's one of the reasons why that war was so horribly bloody, in that everrbody had spent the previous 20 or 30 years choosing up sides, in Congress and in common public intercourse. Everybody was so damned _earnest_ in so many of those fights.  We read that sojers are not motivated by principle as much as they are by fellow-feeling for their comrades, but The War was an exceptional case. All of the combatants were *motivated*.

 Civil Wars tend to be particualry nasty because they are family fights. In thatcase the south was fighting for their independence, and the north was fighting to keep the south in the raw deal they had been handed by the north (around 75% of the Federal Budget was funded by tariffs paid at Virginia and South Carolina Ports). A lot of self styled "historians" like to focus on Slavery because it was explicitly mentioned in the ordinances of secession in several of the first 7 to go. The rest, however, didn't leave until Lincoln made his call for troops to coerce the first 7.

While the North won the war, it gave us the country we have now. The problems we have on the Federal level, had their start with Lincoln's misrule. Even that even tempered man, Robert E. Lee regretted not going down fighting when he later saw what the north shoved down the collective throats of teh south. I was raised in a unionist family, but I firmly believe the wrong side won that war. Obama is simply the logical conclusion of Lincoln's Anti-American philosophies.

Still, we can remember the honorable service of men from both sides, and honor their memory.
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I proudly submit that my great grandfather served honorably in The Battle of Olustee, Florida, the largest conflict in Florida during The War. He and his fellow Confederates sucessfully defended Tallahassee, the only state capital east of the Mississipp River to remain in Confederate hands.
That battlefield became Florid'a first state park, at which I am a frequent respectful visitor.
One of the reasons there are so many young brides of Civil War vets is that the pensions from the government passed to the spouse upon widowhood.  A lot of young women saw this as a way to get paid for life, a lot of vets saw that as a good way to be happy for the rest of theirs.
Qm, some of the folks with whom I hang out on the 'net refer to him as Abraham Lenin. Did you know that most of his in-laws were Confederate officers? It's no wonder his wife went nuts and that he had to threaten her with incarceration at St. Elizabeth's, the Federal nuthouse. (where they keep Mr. Hinckley now, I believe)