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Which Shoes To Fill?

Ella-Tee, Castle Argghhh's frequent commenter has a question to ponder.  Which shoes should she fill?  It's high time we all give her an old-fashioned Installanche, Shall We?  Her post: HERE



Actually, that is the NEW Ranger uniform now that DADT is gone...
We already make our female soldiers wear Hajib's...I guess a tutu wouldn't be that much of a stretch for the Pentagon to consider.
Um, Argghhh!alanche, Boq.  Argghhh!alanche.  Keep your eye on the marketing ball...  ;^ )
How can you walk, and dance, on yer toes while wearing Army boots?  Just askin.
Oh - I don't know JTG.  Why don't we ask THESE DANCING SOLIDERS.  They seem to have the Combat Boot Jig down pat.
The Ella-Tee is a New Model soldier, JTG.  They can do anything.
If there were some gun fights and explosions I might go to the ballet!

Just imagine a John Wayne classic transformed - Fort Apache, The Ballet!!

OK, that was out of line and I apologize, no one should bad mouth the Duke! Just like no one should try to reprise any role he played - except maybe for The Conquerer where he played Ghengis Khan.
Er, izzis where I get in trouble for saying the new True Grit is a darn good movie?  if only because it doesn't have Kim Darby and Glenn Campbell in it, dragging Wayne's performance down.

I think I know that particular pink person, I worked with (not for, praise all that is holy!)  her for a short period of time.  An actual, honest-to-God beauty queen turned Army LT.  Actually made Captain before leaving for more glamorous pastures.  She blew a head gasket when that Utah NG SSG made it farther than she did (and with a hell of a lot more class) than she did in the MIss America pageant. 


I agree about Darby and Campbell, they were not up to snuff. I haven't seen the new one but the ads on TV don't make me want to. Bridges comes off poorly in the ads, I hope his performance is better than what I've seen so far.

As for never ever having anyone reprise one of John Wayne's roles, I might have been stretching my admiration for the Duke.  :^)
I left a comment over at her place, but I will put it up here:  She is definitely en pointe.

'True Grit' is a classic tale, and one that I think embodies the qualities of integrity, love, loyalty and honesty.  My daughter has every line memorized.  She hates anyone messing with her John Wayne.  She has had a crush on him since she was 8 years old, and is truly happy when she gets one of his movies for a gift.  She also likes films made between 1930 and 1989, but I digress.

The reason she likes it so much is not because Kim Darby is a gurl.  She likes it because the storyline deals with a girl in a man's world, and how she persists in spite of the obstacles.  Her age, the older men, and grieving for her father, and tracking a killer.  She did what she had to do to protect her family.  Very metaphoric.

After seeing the pap that Disney has dished out over the past 20 years, a remake of 'True Grit' sounds very refreshing.  We have yet to see it, but I think we will enjoy it.

Cricket, you gotta see the new version. I thought it was a tad slow to start, and I was disappointed in the snake pit scene, but other than that, it rocks. Long live Mattie Ross! 
I liked the new one, though I was prepared to be disappointed in the lack of the Duke.  It stands fine on its own, and the actress playing Mattie Ross was fantastic!
Weellll, considering ballerina training, wouldn't be far off to say that she can kick like an Army mule?

*ducks and performs tactical retreat*
Ella Tee appears to be overwhelmed with comments and unsure of which to release first.

Or else she's looking for some Navy cammy for "Swan Lake"...
How sad is it, Barb, that those of us who have seen the new True Grit (which I commend to all of you who have not) can remember the names of performers who put in forgettable (or, in the case of Darby, scenery-chewing overacting) performances in the old movie - but can't remember the name of the new Hattie - Hailee Steinfeld - whose performance we marvel at and who is Oscar-nominated?  Me too - I had to go look it up.  My brain is so stuffed with useless crap there's no room for new stuff, I guess.

SFC D - Ella-Tee, who hangs about here on occasion, is a cultural cousin to Boquisucio, vice one of us continental-based Denizens.
John, I'd like to reframe your comment to read, "how fortunate..." that we can remember the first version, so's to be able to compare and contrast with authority. My barn buddies and I saw the first film so many times we got in trouble for shouting the lines in the thee-a-tah...  that's how much Mattie Ross appealed to young girls who were not part of the Flower Power set. Flash-forward.... Who would I rather serve as a role model to my own young'uns: Mattie Ross, or Lindsay Lohan? [yeah, I know I'm mixing metaphors, sorta, but... yeah].  Aside from that, the new version is just downright fun to watch. It's more faithful to the book, too.
Ooh.  Isn't that a pic?  'Swan Lake' done on a carrier.   I will have to get 'True Grit' when it comes out on DVD.  I am a fan of the story, and have tried to find the book.

Last night, the Princess Daughter finally conned me into letting her watch 'Romeo & Juliet.'  The 1995 version.  Absolute dreck.  The Franco Zeferelli version (while not 'original') is at least plausible, and in many respects, better.  Netflix, unfortunately, does not carry both versions.  In the case of remakes and sequels, one has to ask:  Will it be true to the story or MY version of the tale?

I am looking forward to seeing True Grit as a remake because I didn't like Glen Campbell.  At all.
 I think some sailors already may be planning a swabbies' Swan Lake. And the girls tell me I *must* see Black Swan to get my ballet-and-psychosis fix.

As for True Grit... the FNG is much better than Campbell in that role. 
Well, I did read the book, first, in which book the gal actually lost her arm.  I think Darby played it just right, as a weird aspie chick.  I reckon I'll have to see the new version, to see what the fuss is about, but I tellya, it will take some good actin' skillz to overpower the Duke's performance. "Fill your hand, you son of a bitch!"
Oh, is the cat in the new version? I'd be disappointed to find that he is not in it.  Mattie reproaching the cat for being a lazy slacker is one of the funniest parts of the original movie.
In the new version, JTG, Mattie does indeed lose her arm.  Much easier special effect these days.  Of course, since we're seeing the adult Mattie, they may have used an actress who is actually missing an arm.  I dunno, and I'm frankly to lazy to check on this damnably slow satellite connection.
JTG, I don't think the cat is in the new version. But as consolation, I offer the wicked-good line at the end, when the adult Maddie delivers a choice put-down as only an Aspie can. And yep, the other FNG is real good in the Duke's old role, too. And I love the way the Texas Ranger sniper scene plays out, with him exhaling to steady his aim.
But as consolation, I offer the wicked-good line at the end...

...and then fails to cite it.

Sheesh. Wymyn.

Of course I didn't cite it!  I didn't want to spoil the moment for those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing it for themselves.

Yeesh. Myns.