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So, this old pilot dies and goes to heaven...

 ...and is met at the pearly gates by St. Peter.

"Ah, so you were a pilot," says St. Peter. "Follow me."

St. Peter takes the pilot to a beautiful celestial airport with perfect, smooth runways and hangar after hangar filled with the most wonderful aircraft ever made.

"Fly anything you want. Fuel is no issue, they don't ever run out."

Then he takes him over to a classy little joint at the FBO and brings him inside. There's a buffet with the best food he's ever seen and a fully-stocked open bar with nothing but top shelf liquor. Sitting around the tables are some of the most famous pilots who ever lived. St. Peter introduces him to a few and sits down to have a drink with him.

"Man! This really is heaven?" asks the pilot. "Certainly not what I was expecting -- this is wonderful!"

St. Peter just smiles and nods and pours him another drink.

After sitting and drinking and reveling in it all for awhile, the pilot recognizes an old, familiar sensation.

Tentatively he asks, "Ummmmm, St. Peter? I sure wasn't expecting it with this here brand-new heavenly body, but I do believe I need to go find a rest room to -- uhhh -- go relieve myself. But I don't see any of the usual signs on doors -- where should I go?"

"Oh, no problem," says St. Peter. "Just follow me."

St. Peter takes him out back and shows him to the edge of a little hole in a cloud.

"Just go right there."

The pilot walks over to the hole in the cloud and looks down over the edge.

"Uh, St. Peter? There appears to be some people down there... "

"Oh that's OK", says the wise old Saint. "They're all from the FAA."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tip o' the bullet-dinged SPH-4 to Lee D.


Can they be from the TSA, too? I'd really like it if you threw in some TSA people. And Janet. I think she would be doubly flustered at looking up and seeing.... y'all rainin' down on her.
@Susan, now that's not nice. The TSA would get treated like your luggage and get lost. Those fine people would wind up in a line, at the end, they would get a "full cavity search". There would be no need for a dentist. After they finished with this, these same very fine people of the TSA, they get into another line, only to get the same treatment for eternity. It's kinda like the Muslim belief of 72 virgins, only in reverse.  
 Since when do rotor heads need a runway? I think you may have found Lex's and VX's version of Heaven. Ol' Pete seems to have made a mistake.

The comfort station was certainly the correct place, though.

Still waiting for that long, rambling post with pics you told us about afore leaving Eyerack.
"Still waiting for that long, rambling post with pics you told us about afore leaving Eyerack."

He also promised more Argghhh-o-nauts comix strips.  One could almost think, now that he is back from Eyerack, he was beginning his *new career* in politics.......
*duckin' and truckin' awaaayyyyyy*
Change that to "TSA"... and I AM IN WITH THE GOLDEN SHOWERS, DUDE!!
So that's were contrails come from...
... and yellow rain! And here I thought it was the Soviets all along...
 Purple rain, after he drinks the kool-aide