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Rolling Stone's Hastings v LTG Caldwell

I was going to write about this... but there's no point.

I don't have anything to add to what...

Bruce McQuain


Small Wars Journal

Andrew Exum

Jonn Lilyea

The American Legion

Noah Schachtman and  Spencer Ackerman.

...had to say.

Even if Greyhawk does take Rolling Stone's side.  Srlsy.

Note to Mr. Hastings - while IRS auditors know that disgruntled spouses are a gold mine, and Inspectors General know that disgruntled employees are a treasure trove - both also know you need to know shite from shinola in order to evaluate their info.


Update:  Due to incessant whinage, and threats of a lawsuit based on a lack of diversity in linkage, here's teh work product of Susan "Pick me!" Katz Keating as she weighs in on this topic...  /playful snark


Too bad it wasn't a psy-ops on Hastings.  But, I digress. 
 Dang! The PsyOp worked! 

*plotting next move....*

I mean, thank you, John. I am sooo honored!    : )
Can anyone offer some advice on how best to make a protest that Obama might take note-
*tackled for attempting psy-ops on the President*
Sekrit Si-opz Masta: Senator, see this medal, I want you to relax and keep your eyes on it. Back and forth. Back and forth.

A Stupendous Senator: Nice medal, I earned one when I dodged sniper fire..

Masta: You are getting sleepier.. and sleepier... you feel like you're in the senate. Obama is speaking again and it's already been three hours....

Senator: <snore>

Masta: It is time for your to go back. Go back to your childhood back back and feel how you feel when you were a child.

Senator: I feel the same.

Masta: Er.. try to feel how it was when you were small.

Senator: Before I was elected? It was horrible. No gifts from companies and unions. I had to buy from Walmart and there was no room service.

Masta: Well let's just cut down to what you must do. For now you lost the election and are totally under my power. Mwahahahaha.

Masta: You will try to win this war. You will not run away.

Senator: <struggles>

Masta: You will work hard to represent your constituents and not line your own pocket

Senator: <pain is evident on the Senator's face>

Masta: You will balance the budget!

Senator: <Wakes up and screams>
 I nominate Argent's last comment for a Made Me Spit My Coffe From Laffin' Award.

Okay, now how do you get coffee out of a keyboard...
With a very thin straw...
For Susan Katz:
Try runnning it through the dishwasher on the "Pots and Pans" cycle:

Use a hair dryer.  On max.  Call me back and lemme know how you're doin'.

Argent.  Brilliant.
 I used both the straw *and* the hairdryer, and was good to go.... until John went and reposted.

*rummaging around for new straw... re-cranking up hair dryer...*
Glad y'all liked it. If the hairdryer didn't work there's always key by key surgery.
@Mark, I would have answered sooner, but I thought you wrote "washing machine," and then a sock got tangled up around the Shift key... 

@Argent, thankfully no surgery required. I left my scalpel over at my place...