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Really Stupid Criminal Tricks.

No, really. You can't make this stuff up.  A movie producer would laugh you out of the office if you floated this as a plot device.  H/t, Kevin.


Our most recent criminal genius robbed a check cashing place with a bb gun. He was caught at a truck stop a few miles away.

So why did he rob the place? He needed the money to pay a $200 fine for driving with a suspended license.
My favorite one for this month is the Goldfish Killer.
*snort snort*
Comment still being held hostage?
Great guy - his shop is seven blocks from my house.

I noticed the bit about him having checked the guy's ID 'to make sure he was old enough to buy the ammo' so I'm betting it'll be a short investigation.
Have one suggestion:  When he gets the bills back, mount them in a picture frame and proudly display them on the wall behind the cash register.  Along with a pithy saying as to why they got there.
I mind the time I was hanging out with Sweety-1,  and I had just helped her to arm herself with a S&W Chief's Special.  She was having trouble paying her house note, so I suggested that she take the piece and a deposit slip down to the credit union, rob the place, and put the proceeds into her account.  I was joking, of course, but she, being a bit more autistic than I, took me seriously, I swear, for at least a second or two.  Then she got the joke and made as if to slap me, so I retreated.